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Citadel Ditch walls suffer “irreparable damage” – Wirt Ghawdex

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Citadel Ditch walls suffer "irreparable damage" - Wirt GhawdexYesterday, ” extensive, irreparable damage was caused to the Knights period outer wall of the Citadel Ditch as works were ongoing in an adjacent. private property,” Wirt Ghawdex said.

The NGO in a statement, said that less than a month ago it had aired its concern about the development permit PA 4553/17 which gave the authorities’ approval for the opening of a door and two windows in the back wall of the property abutting the Citadel Ditch as part of the conversion of an eighteenth century house.

“The wall, now punctuated with the windows and a door, collapsed yesterday, taking down with it a chunk on the newly restored pathway including a preserved part of the original outer wall,” said Wirt Ghawdex.

“It is ironical,” Wirt Ghawdex said, “that whilst the world was celebrating International Day for Monuments and Sites, and this Gozitan NGO, together with another 21 Heritage NGO’s were coming together to act as a pressure group for the safeguarding of Malta’s and Gozo’s built heritage, the centuries old ditch of the newly restored Citadel was suffering irreparable damage.”

Wirt Ghawdex stated that the authorities concerned, mainly the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the Planning Authority, “should stand up and move from words into action to save our fast disappearing heritage.”

The NGO concluded by saying that “such attacks on our heritage should never happen let alone be approved and sanctioned by authorities whose primary aim is to safeguard our heritage.”

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    3 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      I question if the so called authorities are looking as they are supposed to do after the citizens interests or other interests? In this particular case it definitly wasn’t looking after the Gozitan interests.
      I write this with full knowledge that Gozitan Authorities were not consulted. I believe that our Gozitan National interests should – have and must be decided by Gozitan themselves.
      If wrong decisions are taken, then these decisions will have to be answered by Gozitan themselves. Till now our faith is not in our hands weather good or bad.

    2. anthony zammit says:

      resignation to all involved

    3. just an expat says:

      what do you expect? it was obvious some damage was going to occur by opening windows and a door in an ancient, previously blank wall – in an area of high historical importance – sadly the value of historic buildings and their contribution to Gozitan/Maltese heritage is regarded with contempt by those who grant permission for these works. Money talks and heritage takes a back seat.

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