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Ghajn Qatet Street – Thank you for completing your promise

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Ghajn Qatet Street - Thank you for completing your promise“I live on Ghajn Qatet Street and I would like to congratulate the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, for the completion of her promise.

Ghajn Qatet Street has its importance because of the secondary Hospital Gate where not only ambulances and emergency vehicles come in and out, but also supply trucks of all sorts and sizes, coaches with elderly people, and many people who prefer to walk to the hospital from Ghajn Qatet to eliminate the steep hill taking you to the front gate on the other side.

In the future, when the new hospital is built I hope they will plan for a bus to go up this hill from Arch Bishop Pietru Pace Street straight up to the hospital’s front gate, turn and go to the terminal like the buses do at Mater Dei.

Presently it is very hard for elderly people and even young ones with physical problems to climb up. Some elderly call for the hospital transport to pick them up from their houses because there isn’t a bus stop at the hospital.

Ghajn Qatet also links up the Government schools and Church Schools. Some parents drop off their children for the nearby school and they stroll on the pavement of the hospital to their school. Some students living nearby walk straight from home.

Groups of students often are seen walking with their teachers to go on their outing and pass from Ghajn Qatet Street to go towards Sannat or Xewkija so as to avoid the traffic of the main roads. Groups of Occupational Therapy patients too utilise Ghajn Qatet Gate and walk to St Francis Square to make an “around the block” exercise walk.

Ghajn Qatet is also a place where one gives his last farewell to his dear departed because we have the Mortuary there. Nearly every day there are cars with people in black, waiting for the priest to come and accompany their beloved to the cemetery.

I often look down from the balcony and say a prayer for the departed and for comfort to their families. I feel like God put me here to salute them on their way to Abraham’s bosom.

The Hospital is built on a small hill which slants down to Ghajn Qatet Street. I remember it as bare land and I remember the laying of the first stone. When it rains much of the water runs down out unto Ghajn Qatet Street and in some places, it then had nowhere to go.

People couldn’t even enter through the gate as it becomes like a pool and each time it rained it created problems for us living there. It is a great relief now that we have compatible people who know what they are doing and also have the latest instruments and machinery.

For a long time, I have watched them levelling the area by looking into instruments, and marking and drawing on plans. I have strong faith in them that the water flooding problem will be eliminated.

Those days when you would have heard the Engineer tell you, “now we will finish the work and wait for the first rain to see how it runs, and fix it if need be” are past! Nowadays they have sophisticated equipment and learned engineers to make a good job on the first go.

And I wish them well. Thank you.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph: Anthony Zammit

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    5 Responses

    1. Ray says:

      All it needed was resurfacing and new signage, now it has been decimated and trees, yet again, destroyed!
      It will now become an even bigger car park for the hospital!
      And yes, I do live in the street!

      • Lino DeBono says:

        Mr Ray, you are being negative. The road has been widened and the outages that were there were removed. This issue when no one previously dared to do so. I do congratulate together with Mr Zammit the positive actions that the Hon Minister for Gozo Ms Justyne Caruana is doing. Ms Caruana is a hard working – honest and very capable Minister. I do wish that there were many others like her. Let us all call a spade – a spade and credit to where its due.

    2. Tamworthterry says:

      I thought they were going to repave the area around the Bus stops by the gates at the rear of the Hospital Gate, as they are a disgrace, and on the other side it is nothing but pot holes causing more people to trip and fall

    3. Ray says:

      I would agree that the current Minister seems to be putting a lot of effort into doing things for Gozo but would disagree that destroying trees is necessary for the road to be improved.
      By all means remove the rubble walls and waste ground and make that short stretch 2 way but that is all it needed together with resurfacing.
      All that will happen now is that it will become a larger parking area for hospital visitors and staff and traffic speeds will increase

    4. dave mossop says:

      Why has no work been done for 2 weeks while we all suffer from dust and open sewers.

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