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Government has no longterm vision on sustainable transport – ADZ

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Government has no longterm vision on sustainable transport - ADZADZ (Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh) has said in a statement that the Government has no longterm vision and strategy on clean, sustainable transport.

ADZ Chairperson James Gabaretta said that while the Government is “spending hundreds of millions of euros on large road infrastructure projects, such large scale investment is not addressing the root causes of the traffic which our country is facing.”

He pointed out that, “this traffic stems, from the almost absolute dependence on cars as the main mode of transport. We believe that the Government should divest from car-centric projects and infrastructure, and should invest more in sustainable mobility.”

“This includes providing a more robust and functional public transport system; improving accessibility and safety for cycling and motorbikes,” he said. “These measures should also be coupled with a serious revision of the use of our roads including providing priority lanes and pedestrianised areas.”

“We believe that multi-million-euro investment in road infrastructure development cannot be sustainable unless coupled with equal or greater investment in alternative uses of transport are taken into consideration,” stated Gabaretta

“The loss of highly scarce arable land to road development, congestion in urban zones, the chopping down of trees in almost every urban area; and finally the increase of emissions, do not indicate sustainable decisions,” he added.

“The Government’s move to provide free public transport for young people is commendable, as it is an investment in youth mobility but does very little to improve the level of service, which is desperately needed.”

He pointed out that public transport should be given priority on the roads. “We also urge the government to seriously and urgently consider a Bus Rapid Transit system along major arteries and on specific routes.”

Gabaretta concluded by saying that, “a holistic plan for our transport system is sorely needed. It does not make any sense to spend a large portion of our countries’ wealth on such car-centric and traffic inducing projects, whilst other strategies, such as encouraging the use of bicycles on our roads is only afforded token attention and investment.”

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