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Rare Baillon’s Crake photographed and videoed while on Malta

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Rare Baillon's Crake photographed and videoed while on MaltaKaccaturi San Ubertu, in a statement, has said that this rare bird – a Baillon’s Crake, was spotted, photographed and videoed by its members Marcus Camilleri and Peter Paul Azzopardi in April.

The bird stayed in Malta from the 25th to the 30th of April. KSU said that its members and ornithologists closely monitored the bird until it left the island.

KSU noted that it is a very rare and irregular visitor from mid-March to mid-May in spring, while in autumn, from October to November. It is a very secretive species and very few birds are recorded.

KSU also wished its members a good Rabbit hunting season which opened today. It urged members “not to disturb any nests and to inform KSU of any breeding birds in their areas as part of their assistance with ongoing bird monitoring and studies.”

Photograph and video – KSU

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