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Motorcyclist grievously injured in Savina Square traffic accident

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Motorcyclist grievously injured in Savina Square traffic accidentA 59-year-old man for Victoria, Gozo, was grievously injured in a traffic accident in Savina Square this afternoon.

Police said that the accident happened at about 3.25pm, when the man, who was riding a Daelim City-Ace motorcycle, was in a collision with a Toyota Yaris driven by a 62-year-old man from Kercem.

The motorcyclist was taken to the Gozo General Hospital, where he was later certified as suffering from grievous injuries.

Police investigations are still ongoing.

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    2 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      I have written and published photos of this very dangerous site. One should see the conjunctions whenever a double Decker or a Charabanc is passing to St Ursula Street or vice-versa. This apart from the double Decker higher than the existing balconies.
      The Monument in the middle of the square is one of the main causes hindering the flow of traffic apart from instead of having a square the people are having a narrow outlet coming through Mons Vella Street to Republic Street.

      This statue should be removed and placed on the one story roof of Sabina Church and the square opened wide as was once again.
      Common sense has to prevail.

    2. Arthur Harold says:

      Why oh why do relevant authority ( TM or Victoria Council ? ) just ban traffic completely (apart from deliveries before 07 30 ). The cobbles/sets are already failing after the so called repair last year. It is very very dangerous for pedestrians particularly on the so called pedestrian crossings which are only marked as such at ground level. The crossing between the two jewellery shops on either side is LETHAL not helped by idiots who park on the pavement. Permanent warden is required there particularly when the visiting tourists arrive in volume after 10 am. Already a number of accidents this year, how long before there is a fatality ?

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