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Do not litter and instead help to keep Gozo clean – Readers letter

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Do not litter and instead help to keep Gozo clean - Readers letter“Some days ago, published a report on cigarette butts being on the top of the list of litter on beaches. I wrote a long comment and I felt I should not stop there.

I urged readers to pick up a handful of litter and put it in the available cans nearby. I said to myself, ‘If I dared to ask people to pick up, then I should do it myself’ and I did.

Is there litter in Dwejra where people go to see sunsets and where the Azure Window stood?

Here is a photo where you can see the litter I picked up yesterday, Wednesday, the 13th. It was just me and my bag. My foreign UK friends picked up some cigarette ends, but they were visiting and they were busy taking photos.

On Tuesday I took 4 British guests to see the window and the grand view of the sea at Wied il-Mielah, which after the demise of Azure Window, is having an influx of tourists, locals, and people from Malta.Do not litter and instead help to keep Gozo clean - Readers letterPeople were forbidden to walk on Azure Window, at Wied il-Mielah some visitors ride their cars up on top of the Window! Is there litter in Wied il-Mielah? Look at the photo and see for yourself what I was able to pick up.

I urge people not to litter and instead clean up a little bit as I did. Wake up local council! Thank you.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photographs by Anthony Zammit

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    10 Responses

    1. Roberta says:

      Would it be a good idea if large posters are placed in Malta just before the Maltese* board the ferry in Mgarr to Gozo, cause in my opinion as a Gozitan they are the main culprits along with the young foreign tourists* that visit our little island.

      • John says:

        The Gozitans tend to blame the Maltese visitors for all the litter left behind, but then again i do not blame the Gozitans they like to keep their little island clean, although i am Maltese i still blame the Maltese for littering and arrogance.

      • Sal. says:

        i don’t care what anyone says the worst offenders leaving refuse untied plastic bags behind on a Sunday just before leaving Gozo are the Maltese .. Period.

    2. anthony zammit says:

      As the cigarette companies are obliged to print ‘Smoking is not good for your health’ they should also be forced to print ‘Cigarette butts litter – dispose of it properly’.

    3. Gerard Wirth says:

      Has anyone identified who litters ?

      Possibly you have never visited Bermuda FAMOUS FOR ISLAND CLEANINESS it is not the locals who litter but the visitors !

      Posters please eye scan but that is that….. say Gozo-based businesses would sponsor a provide every visitor car with a plastic or alternative waste bag on arrival ? You must have somewhere for the bags to be dumped.

      All litter can be identified …..litter should be checked and if there is some form of identification prosecution should occur. When you visit a public area and find loads of litter it is so depressing.

    4. John says:

      Better still take all the rubbish with you back to the sister island. Gozo is a clean little island

      • Charlie says:

        The fact remain is that the Maltese in general are filthy people that do not care about our environment, what they do in Malta is their problem not ours in Gozo.

    5. anthony zammit says:

      Very often, when we talk about offences or felonies we respond with how big the fine should be. Punish the offenders and if you want results charge them a hefty fine. ‘Only if you make them pay’ many would say ‘they will stop littering and transgressing.’ I am over 60. I lost my alethic body a long time ago and it was painful for me to bend down to pick up the litter especially the cigarette butts. When I was at ‘Wied il-Mielah, there was a group of Polish tourists and they observed me closely and for a long time asking each other who is he and why is he cleaning up. I believe that if a few people will take the trouble to pick up just a handful of litter others will follow the example. The example is two-fold, people will litter less and litter is picked up.

      • Salvinu says:

        I wish Gozo News would high light this article* once again* for the benefit of Gozo and perhaps maybe the Maltese mainly and the tourists will pick up the reason behind this article. This is the time of the year when it should be absorbed and noted.for the benefit of our environment of Gozo that once used to be tranquil and peaceful.

    6. Jake says:

      So well done Anthony for picking litter up. I also do this whenever I can and wish more people in Gozo would do the same. I always carry a litter picker and some bin liners in the boot of my car. What amazes me is that people stop and ask me if I am getting paid for this??
      Anyway, yes – setting example is two fold…

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