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Plant more trees and create roof gardens – Readers Letter

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Plant more trees and create roof gardens - Readers Letter“Whenever an Institution was created it was fashioned to serve an objective. As history teaches us any Institution has its ups and downs and sometimes it utterly diverges out from its initial purpose.

The world is not perfect and Utopia is only an unreachable dream but worth aiming at. Utopia should be our compass pushing us and at the same attracting us to a better way of life. We are capable of becoming better. History proves this for we see that we have evolved, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Don Mintoff, correct me if I am wrong, well before MEPA had issued some laws which would concern MEPA. He deemed fit that each new house should build and invest in a well to store up rain water for personal use and the other law was that a % of the lime stones had to be swapped with cement bricks to save our shrinking quarries. If these are still a procedure, I do not know but I would like to suggest another thing.

Some weeks ago the sick diseased trees at Ghajn Qatet street were removed and destroyed because they weren’t even good for firewood for their infestation.

I for one am very happy that I am released from my prison and can sit in my balcony without the pestering of the millions of flies these rotten fruits attracted!

I found it preposterous when a nature group spoke of some fewer lungs for the purifying of air! I would not send you out in the streets, but you can do it from the comfort of your home if you know how to surf Google Earth.

If eight old vile trees were removed from our neighbourhood why can’t you interested Institutions plant more trees? There is ample place and I tell you where. First of all there is the rest of Ghajn Qatet street from the Niche to Tat-Taflija street. Already there are over a 100 trees but there is room for a 100 more.

Then have a look at Anton Tabone street taking you to Ta’ Sannat road and again here there is room for more olive trees. Then the long bended Ta’ Sannat road from the playing field to the Kajselli could take hundreds of more trees being sided by soil on both sides except the Cemetery and a small farm.

Yes I now turn to the PA and suggest that on all new applications which end up with a roof, people should make a small roof garden. At least one single tree should be planted and taken care of by the owners.

NGO or the Government should provide a pot and trees should be proposed by experts to plant in these pots. As the Government grants money to people to generate solar panel energy so too people should be helped to generate fresh air by having some greenery on their flat roofs.

Owners then can place a bird house and can enjoy the company of birds while they come to drink and eat and sleep on their Roof Top Garden.

This would be something great to share on our Facebook and this would be a great topic to make competition and prizes won for the nesting of rare birds on your proper roof without any nets to hold the bird locked up or in a cage.

In many countries this is already a reality with Vertical Gardens and Wall Gardens and so on.”

Thank you

Anthony Zammit,


Google Earth photo supplied by Mr Zammit

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    3 Responses

    1. Ray says:

      Rubbish, trees were fine and we now have an unfinished car park and no buses!
      And yes I do live overlooking where the the trees were.

    2. anthony zammit says:

      Yes, you already told us that recently you came to live here and that temporary there is no Bus Stop. I did bump into you and bid you good morning and you instead blabbered out the same complaints of no Bus Stop and dangerous entrance to the Hospital.

      Preferably roads should be handled much better especially by placing more machinery, having a good plan and more workers. Once I visited a friend in New York in Queens area and it was hard to walk into his house. When I left some hours later I thought I went out on a different road. The job was finished to completion, same in Canada when I was a carpet layer. We entered a building, did our job and in the evening as we left the place was with turf and all. This doesn’t mean that slow work is only in Malta but one will find it in GB for example, or Italy and I quote ‘Italian PM claims the 443km Salerno to Reggio Calabria autostrada, which has been plagued by bad management, delays, and corruption, will be finished next year after 50 years on hold’.

      But dear Mr. Ray we spoke about all this in other posts. The road will be finished soon and will be very nice. I trust our Minister wholeheartedly. I was talking about the fuss the NTM made about removing some old sick trees saying that they are lungs to the area. I wrote this post to suggest that the NTM and others could plant more healthy trees further down on Ghajn Qatet Street and also suggested that the PA should make it a requirement for new permits to include a small roof garden with even if it would be one tree! and you came back with unfinished car park, trees were fine (I have photos and videos of the inside sick trunk) and Bus Stop. Please tell us if I am correct in stating that there are ample places to plant more trees close by and what you think about gardens on roofs. I was going to suggest also flowers on roofs and balconies so that bees could have resources to pollinate but I was afraid that someone will tell me that there are no bees left in Gozo and that they are dying and start a new polemic discussion. I could have also mentioned the parking. There should be parking spaces for a number of hospital workers but between 15.00 and 16.00 there should be space for funerals who leave from the Mortuary nearly every day. Then there is the Kingdom Hall who has a right for parking because they are a recognized Institution as any other Institution and often in the evenings they need parking when they meet for prayers. But I chose to focus on planting new trees and introducing roof gardens in Malta and Gozo.

    3. just an expat says:

      boys, boys! how will we ever get anything actually done if all you do is keep bickering like 5 year olds……………..

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