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Gozo tunnel will generate over one million tons of construction waste

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Gozo tunnel will generate over one million tons of construction wastePartit Demokratiku has demanded that the Government declares “in no uncertain terms” what its plans are, both in the short term and on a sustainable long term, with regards to construction and demolition waste, describing it as a “construction waste crisis.”

As an example it pointed out that the projected Gozo Tunnel project “will generate over one million tons of excavation waste,” which it said, “is almost equivalent to what the construction industry generates in a whole year.”

Malta and Gozo has run out of space where to dispose of such waste, said PD, adding that “as a country we cannot carry on stumbling and reacting from one crisis to the next.”

PD continued by saying that these are not issues that developed now, but successive governments have been aware of them for decades.

“No proper evaluation has been taken and no long term strategy has ever been planned,” said PD.

It added that, “serious initiatives to recycle substantial quantities of Construction waste – which is a resource that should not be thrown away – have never been taken.”

“A huge environmental and financial cost is being unduly placed on the taxpayer,” it said. “PD stands as guardian and keeper of a healthy environment and is not ready to remain idle while our natural and cultural heritage is being compromised.”

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    5 Responses

    1. Nigel Baker says:

      Perhaps it could go towards burying Bugibba and St.Paul’s Bay with a view to starting again and adding a lot more thought to planning and construction standards!

    2. just an expat says:

      don’t worry because like lots of wonderful things that have been announced recently – new health centres, hospitals etc etc – that are desperately needed for the well being of the regular people – it probably will never happen but someone will get paid for not doing it anyway – welcome to Gozo!

    3. John Zammit says:

      Perhaps we can extend Gozo with the excavation waste and so Gozo will get a bit bigger than it is.

    4. george palmer says:

      The whole thing is complete fantasy and tax payers money is being poured down the drain for this.

    5. Guzeppi Busuttil says:

      Our previous government, our present one and the EU all preach being champions for the environment while at the same time pushing the use of wasteful/polluting cars and other vehicles with better roads instead of a modern non-polluting autonomous public transit system. I can see a tunnel between Malta and Gozo, but it must be for people only, in a form of a Mass Transit System like an Automatic People Mover requiring a much smaller tunnel. This could eventually be linked to other similar stretches built in Malta to alleviate the traffic congestion there, until all of Malta and Gozo are linked. Then, smaller buses can be used on shorter routes within towns and villages feeding and retrieving from the transit system. Trying to ease traffic with buses traveling on the same roads as cars and other vehicles will never work satisfactorily.

      Gozo does not need any more cars, but it does need a system to move people to and from Malta safely, with ease and comfort and on time. Gozo already has an excellent bus system covering the whole island. It will stay that way as long as vehicles there do not increase in number, occupying and congesting the same roads. A tunnel or bridge for cars, buses and trucks will do that for sure, and then Gozo will be lost forever.

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