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Gozo Minister participates in CPMR Political Bureau meeting

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Gozo Minister participates in CPMR Political Bureau meetingThe Minister Justyne Caruana participated and addressed the 38th edition of the Annual General Meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission Political Bureau, which was held over the past two days in Bastia, Corsica

The Minister said that among the topics discussed was the cohesion policy, accessibility and transport between the islands – points that were discussed in detail with a view to addressing the challenges of regions and islands and foster communication, exchange of information and participation on initiatives and useful projects for the Mediterranean region.

Minister Debono spoke about the position of Gozo and Malta, especially regarding the Cohesion Policy to be adopted by the European Union in the next budget. The Minister explained that the funds invested in this programme helped the island continue to advance in terms of education, infrastructure and training human resources, such factors that contribute to the development of the island.

Dr Caruana also said that the Maltese Government is committed to addressing the needs of Gozo as an island on the periphery of Europe and in defiance of double insularity. “The Ministry for Gozo is working tirelessly to ensure that Gozo will benefit from the funds that will be allocated to Malta for the next period,” she said.

Justyne Caruana added that through European funds, Gozo has benefited considerably, but there is still much to be done.

“The Ministry is finalising the strategy for Gozo for up to 2030 so we will be ready for Gozo to continue exploiting the benefits offered by existing EU funds and those in the future,” she said.

The Minister insisted that the idea of a “one-size-fits-all” is not the way the EU operates as each region /island, such as Gozo, which is affected by the double insularity – have their own particular challenges.

“The EU should reflect and work for the interest of every citizen and the challenges they face, and it makes no difference if the citizen lives in a European city or an island forming part of the EU,” said Minister Caruana.

She also mentioned the need for human resources which are prepared and trained for the emerging economies, this in the context of the plan being prepared by the Ministry, where the main goal is economic growth and job creation in Gozo for Gozitans, Dr Caruana said.

During the conference there were also several bilateral meetings to explore new areas of cooperation between maritime regions in the Mediterranean.

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    3 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      The Hon Minister for Gozo, is doing a marvellous job. She is laying where further needed the policies required for a better Gozo for the future.

      The Minister is in my opinion a very honest, straight forward person who does not tolerate bad practices or misdeeds.
      Given space and time she can re-direct Gozo for further progress.

      I have complete faith in her abilities.

    2. just an expat says:

      I am sure she means well and I truly hope the grand projects she has recently announced do come to fruition but does she have the wholehearted support necessary from the government to produce results?

    3. Better Future says:

      The Minister can only do so much among other issues just look at the Gozo Chanel still on life support while people bake in the heat waiting for better service.

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