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British man slightly injured resisting attempted hold-up in Xaghra

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British man slightly injured resisting attempted hold-up in XaghraPolice have said that a 47-year-old British man living in Gozo was slightly injured in the early hours of this morning.

The man had just closed his bar in Xaghra and was sitting in his car when two hooded people approached him, one of them was holding what appeared to be a firearm.

The man resisted them and managed to keep hold of one of the aggressors, The other one got away

Police said that they were called to the scene in Pjazza l-Vittorja, Xaghra at around 2.40am on Tuesday morning and arrested a 17-year-old youth who is currently under police custody for further investigations, and said that the fire-arm turned out to be fake.

Police investigations are still underway.

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    6 Responses

    1. mike says:

      So what does this English Anglo saxon man want a medal? London is full of knife attackers,, however saying that, he’s done very well.

    2. george palmer says:

      Is it illegal African migrants that did this, Eastern Europeans or Maltese? Someone please give the truth. I doubt we will ever hear the truth. Things are getting bad on Gozo.

    3. anthony zammit says:

      It does not bother me with the truth, what bothers me is that the aggressed person was given his status and not just a foreigner but clearly mentioned that he is British and then nothing of the caught aggressor! Usually, the information is not given of people as yet not found guilty but in this case, there seems to be no doubt that the 17-year-old youth was directly involved with the aggression and if this paper aims to inform us then I agree with Mr Palmer that as we were told that Mr. X was British we should have been told the origins of Mr 17-year-old youth.

      Mr Palmer also commented ‘I doubt we will ever hear the truth’. I think that more than that the truth is withheld it is ‘forgotten’ We make a sensation of the man who broke the toilet holder to steal the toilet paper to clean himself after doing it outside and after hundreds of comments from us good readers of what the punishment should be, we do not hear of the case anymore. Why? because other more important news crops up and while I am sure that the justice punished the man, no newspaper has time and room on the paper to report to us and keep us up-to-date. I wait for that day that a special reporter is born who pins up petty crimes on his wall and according to the expiration date he or she will research in the courts and fill us up on the results of the case. There should be a column headed ‘Remember when’: and the reporter mentions the case briefly and gives us a clear account of the sentence the guilty received and then the same reporter will reprint the comment which suggested or guessed the outcome of the case. There is no closure for most of the cases by newspapers and media alike. What happened to the Foreign woman found dead and naked in the valley of Marsalforn? and many many others? Maybe I missed them.

      Mr Palmer also commented that Things are getting bad on Gozo. It could be true or it could be Very Very false! How dare you, or with what credentials could you declare such statement? Do you have qualifications to measure or to dictate the Benessere of Gozo? You are not even Gozitan! I who have lived here since I was born and lived for many years I can see the evolution of Gozo, I lived in 4 countries, visited many others and each time I return to Gozo I happily welcome the advancement and progress and better wellbeing on the island (except for excessive development). I might be wrong because I might be biased but I am right in stating that you or I have no right to state that Things are getting bad on Gozo because you and I have no authority to say it. Things in Gozo were much worse than today. people were aggressed with real shotguns and not fake ones! The way these two aggressors carried out this crime shows that Things are getting better on Gozo because the criminals are getting caught right away.

    4. Nigel Baker says:

      What is a ‘ Benessere’ ?

    5. Nigel Baker says:

      Forgive me for my ignorance. I’ve just Googled it and it’s not a noun but an adjective (albeit a rather strange one). Good word Anthony!

    6. Nigel Baker says:

      Forgive me for my ignorance. I’ve just Googled it and it’s not a noun but an adjective (albeit a rather strange one). Good word Anthony!

      PS. Mike, you’re so full of compassion, Let’s hope you’re not the next victim! While we’re on the subject, what the hell has knife crime in London got to do with an attempted robbery in Xaghra?

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