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Ghajn Qatet Street in Victoria is now better than ever before

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Ghajn Qatet Street in Victoria is now better than ever before“Ghajn Qatet Street, in Victoria, Gozo, is at the outskirts of Victoria and it cuts (qatet) Victoria from Xewkija.

The street is very important for the Hospital service. Emergencies often prefer this secondary hospital gate than the other which will instantly throw you in the traffic jam of central Victoria.

Now that it is widened it will serve better than ever before and many drivers will bypass from Ghajn Qatet to Sannat, Xaghra, Ghajnsielem, Mgarr, Qala, even Nadur, Ramla and some other streets by driving through Ghajn Qatet and get out on the Cemetery Roundabout.Ghajn Qatet Street in Victoria is now better than ever beforeI would like to thank Minister Justyne Caruana and all those involved for the tarmacadam of the street which when adorned with lights, maybe plants or trees and a state of the art bus stop, will surely stand out as a great advancement of what it was for so many years.

I mentioned the bus stop because one has to think about the many medical students who are going to be studying in the Barts school. I can imagine them running to the bus stop in summer to get the Ramla bus and go for a couple of hours to relax and then come back to do their homework.

Apart from the students, there are many relatives of patients who choose to use this side of the hospital to travel to their town by public transport or be picked up by relatives in their private cars, hospital staff and students of the Bishop’s Conservatory included.Ghajn Qatet Street in Victoria is now better than ever beforeYes, I strongly believe that a safe and sheltered stage should be designed and built where the stop presently is. There is a long stretch which can be easily adapted and offer shelter and seating.

Showing my gratitude to the Minister is automatically including our Prime Minister who has pledged that all roads in Malta will be resurfaced and made to EU standards. Thank you.”

Anthony Zammit, Victoria.

Photographs showing various stages of the work by Anthony Zammit

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    12 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Anthony, you mentioned very good points. Please permit me to add some others. The preparatory work to have the drainage – water – wiring facilities properly established underground prior to the works.

      Second point is the requisitions of the dangerous outlets that perambulated dangerously into the street.

      Lastly I do congratulate also the Hon Gozo Minister for the good planning and implementations of renewing the works on many bad roads which requires good and proper maintenance.

    2. Arthur Harold says:

      Still no access from Xewkija, what’s that all about ?

      • anthony zammit says:

        There is still no access from Xewkija because you have not shown your gratitude and said thanks yet! If you came to have a look, you would have known why.

    3. Ray says:

      It is unfortunate that vehicles are being allowed to use the road ignoring no entry signs.
      Some cars are now already coming up the new stretch of road from Xewkija direction at high speed and going straight on where it joins the old road.
      There is one faded no entry sign up high on the right which is virtually invisible.
      Will we need a fatal crash before all the faded no entry signs are replaced?
      Perhaps the Minister could ask someone to look into the signage as a matter of urgency.

    4. anthony zammit says:

      Only residents were allowed to ignore the temporary no entry signs. The Wardens can fine anyone who ignores them, and yes I am sure the Minister has no need of any Ray of intelligent light to remove what were temporary one-way signs.

    5. Ray says:

      Residents and non residents alike were, and still are, ignoring the pre-existing and permanent no entry signs which are almost invisible.
      These are being ignored at all junctions in the top half of the road with drivers turning up towards St. Francis Square and where the new section meets that top half going towards Victoria.
      I am not talking of temporary signs used because of the road works!
      As for wardens, I have not seen one on this road in the last 18 months!

    6. anthony zammit says:

      No worries Ray, soon all your wishes will be granted and new, readable and proper signs will be erected. Hold your horses, Rome was not built in a day!

    7. d n mossop says:

      Now a gigantic car park ,with cars going faster than before ,accident waiting o happen.

      • anthony zammit says:

        True and we urgently need indication lines. I hope they are not going to wait until the final coating to mark the road! Half a day’s work and some paint are not going to bankrupt the Government We need the dividing white line to show which is both ways, we need double yellow lined in-front and on the side of private garages. We need to know where cars can actually park and so on before we get accostumed to wrong tendencies.

    8. Joseph Ellis says:

      I think that it took an inordinately long time for this small stretch of road to be asphalted and this to the detriment of residents and all people who need to use it regularly. The removal of the trees was uncalled for. We need more trees in our streets, not less. Why this campaign against trees in public places ? I am at a loss to understand.

      • anthony zammit tabone says:

        While I thank the responsible for painting the double lines today, I am still waiting for the white line which should indicate the lanes. I also think that it took a long time but good things take time and you know what we say about hurried cats! Yesterday a nice fall of rain showered us and it proved that the levels seem that they were made well.

        The trees were nearly dead and they were a pest to all residents or at least to many I know. They only produced flies and slug on the ground to walk on and on the car roofs.. We need more trees but why in the middle of our roads for cars to bash on! Going down to Xewkija from Ghajn Qatet street there is still space to plant more trees and so many other spaces from tac-Cawla to Sannat right around to the Kajselli. What prompted your good self to rekindle this issue when we have discussed it in so much detail already? In Malta 700 trees were just planted at ta; Qali and I am sure our Minister will plant much more in Gozo, now that we will have water to water the trees, a major problem why we could not plant trees for lack of water to sustain their growth.

        Then we also have flat roofs. Is it such a great deal if one will grow a small tree on his or her roof in a pot?

    9. d n mossop says:

      I don’t think they are trees,more likely slow growing bushes ,there is only 10 inches of soil ,trees need a little bit more than that.

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