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Warning issued not to swim at Xlendi Bay due to the quality of the water

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Warning issued not to swim at Xlendi Bay due to the quality of the waterA notice has been issued not to swim at Xlendi Bay in the area shown on the above photograph, due to the quality of the bathing water.

In a statement the Environmental Health Directorate, advised that until further notice bathing is not recommended at Site Code D 04, D 05, D 06 and D 07. Information signs indicating the area have been fixed to show the area.

The public is kindly requested to contact the Health Inspectorate Services for further information on bathing water quality between 8.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on telephone number 2133 7333,

Outside office hours, the public is cordially requested to call the automated system on 2182 7146 or on mobile number for Malta +356 7950 9918 or Gozo number +356 7950 9919.

The public can also access the Directorate’s Facebook page. or the official website for further information on the quality of bathing water.

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    2 Responses

    1. Jane Camilleri says:

      What is wrong with the water, is it full of fuel by any chance? I ask only because of the ridiculous amount of boats that are moored in the bay these days. Last weekend I counted over 55 boats (at least two groups were tied four abreast) surely there should be a limit on how many visitors can park overnight in the bay.

      The local people with boat hire businesses or fishermen (are there any left now?) should be the only ones who can moor here, anyone else should have to park outside the bay or go home at sunset.

      It makes Xlendi look a mess and little more than a cheap marina when so many vessels are there. I suppose it’s just another nail in the coffin of a once beautiful, peaceful bay that has now been taken over by never ending bars and restaurants and their plastic partition walls. Such a shame yet another place has been ruined by greed and tourism.

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