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Partit Demokratiku calls for Dwejra to be protected

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Partit Demokratiku calls for Dwejra to be protectedPartit Demokratiku in a statement, has called for Dwejra, one of the gems of our country, to be protected and said that the Environment & Resources Authority as well as Ambjent Malta should “speak up and live to their objectives.”

PD said that it was recently revealed that the only applicant answering a tender for a Heritage Park, running from 1st September 2017, intends to build a hotel in the area.

Over 750,000 people visit Dwejra every year, it said. “We have seen the area abused, so much so that when they planned to build a visitors’ centre, we got a restaurant instead, and Nature Trust withdrew from the management board. The management board later became inactive.”

PD added that the PL Opposition in 2010, rightly condemned MEPA for allowing false sand placed by the Game of Thrones crew to damage the area.

Partit Demokratiku said that it expects the Labour Administration not to apply double standards as regards the environmental health of the area.”

The Party pointed out that the area is also a nightly haunt for the highly fascinating and protected Cory’s Shearwater colony between March and November, where lifelong pairs visit their single laid egg. “Any extra activity could seriously endanger their existence because of their high sensitivity to light pollution,” it said

Partit Demokratiku went on to say that it is “not fooled by the fact that what is really being planned here is a commercial enterprise which will come at great cost to the ecology and sustainability of the area that already receives a great number of people.”

PD called for a “strong, ethical and environmentally minded management board.” It added that, “any attempts to commercialise Dwejra in such a destructive fashion must be avoided at all costs. Any Heritage Park must exclusively serve the purpose of education and not accommodation or fine dining with a view.”

Partit Demokratiku concluded by saying that it will be holding the Government to account on its next steps following this Preliminary Market Consultation.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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