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Increases noted for Gozo Channel in new NSO transport statistics

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Increases noted for Gozo Channel in new NSO transport statisticsThe National Statistics Office has just published Transport Statistics 2017 and here are some of the salient points for Gozo on sea transport and vehicles, among others.

In 2016, the report notes that on Gozo Channel increases of 8.2% and 8.3% were registered in the number of vehicles and passengers respectively that crossed between the islands.

There were 22,404 inter-island trips (equally distributed between both directions), up by 7.6% from 2015.

The average rate of passengers per trip increased marginally to 229 in 2016 from 228 in 2015. The average rate of vehicles per trip amounted to 65 in 2016, which, the NSO said, was at par with 2015.

During 2016, there was an increase of 110,612 more vehicles over 2015, implying an increase of 8.2%, the NSO said. It added that as expected, August was the month in which the most number of passengers and vehicles were carried between the two islands, amounting to 582,264 (+8.2%) and 156,192 (+6.9%) respectively.

The Ta’ Pinu carried out the most trips (9,642) while the Malita carried the most passengers (2,355,327) and vehicles (665,027). The Gaudos made the least trips (3,168) and therefore, carried the least number of passengers (439,717) and vehicles (132,872).

The NSO report also noted that the Port of Mgarr hosted the largest number of fishing vessels in 2016 – amounting to 310. There was no specific data on cruise liner call for Gozo during 2016. However, the number of calls listed for Malta stood at 316, this was 9 more than called in 2015.

In 2016, the Gozo district which includes Comino, registered the highest number of vehicles per 1,000 residents at 1,025. However, Gozo had the least amount of stolen vehicles registered – 11, up slightly from 2015 when the number was 9.

There were 773 traffic accidents in 2016, of which 82 involved injuries, against 794 accidents in 2015, when 95 involved injuries. There were no fatalities in 2016, with 4 in 2015.

On the subject of contraventions – the NSO date show that the number of contraventions issued by wardens in Gozo for 2016 stood at 9,067, this was down by 984 in 2015, when the figure stood at 10,051. Victoria saw the most with 5,424, down from 6,277 in 2015. Ghajnsielem was the next highest with 984, a drop of 558 from 2015, when the number stood at 1,542.

Contraventions issued by Transport Malta for 2016 in Gozo stood at 114, the NSO said. Victoria was again the highest area, with 50.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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