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World Physiotherapy Day – MUMN “striving to improve working conditions”

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World Physiotherapy Day - MUMN "striving" to improve working conditionsThe 8th of September is World Physiotherapy Day – the day that the World Confederation of Physical Therapist was founded in 1951.

The theme this year is about the effect that Physiotherapy and physical activity have on mental health.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, is a statement to mark the occasion, said that mental health problems are one of the main overall conditions worldwide.

“One in four people will experience a mental health condition of some sort in their lifetime, whilst it is estimated that one in six people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem,” it said.

The MUMN pointed out that physiotherapists work with patients who may have depression alongside other long-term health issues. Statistics show that globally, 20% of people living with osteoarthritis have depression or anxiety, 33% of stroke patients and 38% of people with frailty have depression.

“Research shows that exercise is strongly effective on depression,” it said. “The benefits of physical activity are not only to manage current ailments but extend to prevention and protection against the emergence of depression as well.”

The Union added that “people with mental health issues are more at risk of having poor physical health and thus this is of primary concern to Physiotherapists.”

The MUMN stressed that, “the majority of physiotherapists in the National Health Service working in the rehabilitation sector, the mental health sector and also at primary care level are not always working in the best of conditions and environments, which would enable them to carry out their work to the best of their abilities, for the benefit of our patients.”

The Union continued by saying that it is, “striving to improve the working conditions of Physiotherapist through a just sectoral agreement for all Physiotherapists and we wish to see more collaborative work in all these aspects.”

MUMN wished all Physiotherapists a happy World Physiotherapy Day and thanked them for their valuable work.

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