Young flamingo found shot in Gozo and a heron found shot in Malta

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Young flamingo found shot in Gozo and a heron found shot in MaltaBirdLife Malta has said that, this afternoon n a tourist in Dwejra, Gozo, intervened to rescue a young flamingo after it was noticed in difficulty along the coast.

The juvenile Greater Flamingo was passed over to police and WBRU, and by the time it arrived at the veterinarian, it was already in a very weak state, BLM added. “An x-ray has confirmed large-size lead pellets in its body, as well as heavy internal bleeding.”

In an earlier separate incident in Malta, BirdLife said that a member of the public spotted and rescued a Grey Heron in difficulty in Marsacala.Young flamingo found shot in Gozo and a heron found shot in MaltaThis bird was passed to the Police and then to a vet, where it was diagnosed as suffering from a “completely dislodged wing, broken leg and bleeding as a result of shotgun injuries.”

BirdLife Malta said that these two protected species brings the number of birds confirmed illegally shot and found by the public to 5 since the start of the hunting season.

BLM called on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, “to take control of the situation and pronounce his position on the matter, while announcing what measures are going to be taken in response.”

The Prime Minister “has not pronounced a single word” over the killing of protected birds, “or on the moratorium on hunting until after the peak migration period of these birds is over in October,” BirdLife said in a facebook post.

“A zero tolerance approach needs not just words but actions,” stated BirdLife.

Photographs: BirdLife Malta

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    4 Responses

    1. just an expat says:

      These are the ones we know about but how many more are being shot? How many more innocents have to perish before something is done to remedy this appalling situation? “Oh it’s only a few birds and we need to keep the hunters happy” will not wash and in time people will begin to see the disdain of the authorities for everything that cannot answer back.

    2. george palmer says:

      We have decided that among my family and friends none of us will ever step foot on Malta again. After years of holidaying on Gozo and seven years living there we, none of us want to put money into Malta’s economy or food on vile hunters tables. More people should follow suit. I now regret the hundreds of thousands I wasted on these tarnished islands and their totally morally wasted government. It’s sad that an EU country should behave as if it is in the Middle Ages.

    3. just an expat says:

      well said George – those of us who cannot afford to leave and truthfully do not wish to – hope you have found a better, more moral and ethical place to live – (if you have can you please tell us so we can come too) Gozo could be so beautiful – even Malta has places that could still be salvaged – open countryside and wildlife could still be enjoyed by many all year round if it were not for the minority who ruin it for everyone.

    4. Ian says:

      Much though I love and appreciate the islands of Gozo and Malta .. and I keep on returning year after year .. there may well come a time I will stop visiting because of the sheer and unnecessary slaughter of both native and migratory birds over and within the islands. Have these mindless people got anything better to do with their time ?

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