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Gozitan students will pay €100 per month plus bills for Malta hostels

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Gozitan students will pay €100 per month plus bills for Malta hostelsQueries about the two hostels that the Gozo Diocese is opening for Gozitan students in Malta, were discussed during a meeting between Gozo Bishop Mgr Mario Grech and a delegation from the Gozo University Group

It was noted that the rent for the months of October to June will be €100 a month for each person. However,  the cost of water, electricity, internet, gas and cleaning services are not covered in the €100 rent, and is to be shared between the students.

Mgr Mario Grech explained that while the hostel in Gzira for girls is finished, the one in for boys in Gwardamanga is expected to be finished soon.

The Gzira hostel has 7 individual bedrooms with 3 shared bathrooms, while the one in Gwardamanga will have 6 double bedrooms and 2 individual bedrooms, each room with its own bathroom. Every room is also equipped with a desk for studying, the Bishop said.

Both hostels will each have a shared kitchen and a washing-machine. Mgr Grech added that a cleaner will be employed to clean the common areas, while the managing persons are to inspect the hostels every two weeks to check if everything is in order.The residents will also be able to contact these persons in case of emergencies.

Every Gozitan student is eligible to apply for a place at the hostels, but preference will be given to those who are in need.

The Board will be made up of the Diocese Administrative Secretary Mr Victor Gusman, Lecturer Dr Joe Azzopardi, Mr Richard Matrenza, and a member of the GUG organisation. The applications can be found online to download by clicking here. or collect a hard copy from the Curia’s reception.

The applications are to be sent to the Administrative Secretary, il-Kurja tal-Isqof, Triq ir-Repubblika, Victoria, not later than the 22nd of September. Those accepted will be informed by the 26th of September 2018. The Curia’s contact number is 21551211 and its opening hours are from 8:00am till 2:00pm.

The Gozo University Group thanked the Gozitan Diocese, the Augustinian Brothers, and the Saint Joseph’s Sisters for this great initiative.

The GUG concluded by saying that it is also “looking forward to working and keeping in close contact with the management of these hostels.”

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    4 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Whilst this is a step in the right direction, 100 euros per month is not cheap. 100 x 7 = 700 monthly. Add the electricity etc, etc. all added together times 52 weeks comes to over 5,200 plus extras per head.

      • anthony zammit says:

        Mr Lino DeBono, I think you should check your additions and multiplications. The article mentions that each head is to pay €100 per month and this only adds up to €900 October till June. I am sorry Lino, ‘not to be negative’ but then you go on to 52 weeks! Where did these come from? Now; water, internet electricity to use for lights, charging and cooling and maybe heating, gas for the kitchen, wages for the cleaner, how much would that add up to? Maybe €30 to €50 a month? I am not sure. This is going to be difficult to ‘be shared between the students for one student cannot sleep without his electric blanket, the other has two showers per day and the other doesn’t. One is vegan and never uses the gas and the other is cooking each day. Mr. DeBono €900 is not that much which might total to €1200 for expenses to share. But my question is who would pocket the €900 off each student? If I counted right there is to be 21 students total of €18’900 a semester year just for lodging with ‘0’ extras! And I ask again is the Bishop getting these €19’000 for the Curia or is he going to share them with the Augustinian Brothers, and the Saint Joseph’s Sisters?

        Why do I put this question? It is like money falling down from the sky. Soon other convents will fix up their empty rooms and start to rent them to get those extra €€€€. From the Gozitan students. Why not? They will be saving them thousands of €€€€!!!!

        ‘A step in the right direction,’ you say Lino, It all depends from which angle you look at it. If you see it from the student’s eyes, it is good that he can do his or her year of study with much less rent to pay but looking at it from the side of the three Intuitions mentioned and other future Religious, it doesn’t seem right. These people are only guardians of those immense buildings. These buildings were donations from the faithful, for the faithful. The people entrusted them in the hands of Spiritual and Religious Institutions to have such congregations in their midst. Our forefathers and even we gave so much for the erection of such schools and convents and also the Government put his 2 cents in. It is true that these organizations need money to live by but if they are preaching to us to trust in the providence of God and then they are ready to take €100 per month from students who are poor because maybe their grandfather left all his wealth to the church and for the convents, then there is something which does not sound so spiritual.

        If lets us imagine the Government decides to offer 100 rooms from a closed building like St Andrews or St Luke’s hospital, would he charge the students €100 for monthly rent? No of course he wouldn’t. He would be grateful for the students who keep the building open and clean for him. I think that the students should pay €100 per month with all inclusive, water, electricity Internet etc. There would still be a nice profit for the two institutions (because the Curia of Gozo should not be entitled for any % profit in this). This profit would cover the cost of fixing up the rooms and putting in furniture and for future maintenance. Thank you Lino for giving me a start off on your comment because I wasn’t going to comment if it wasn’t to reply to you.

    2. d n mossop says:

      Think you got your maths wrong

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