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Budget proposals outline “hardships” of Gozitan employees in Malta

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Budget proposals outline hardships of Gozitan employees in MaltaThe Association of Gozitan Employees in Malta (AGEM) has put forward a set of proposals for the upcoming budget.

The Association in a statement said that, “it is a known fact that Gozitan workers in Malta are faced with a series of hardships and difficulties that are not experienced by others.”

It added that among the most common are: financial hardships; physical and psychological hardships; and hardships related to time restrictions.

“The ultimate goal of this Association is to safeguard the current working conditions and present a number of new measures intended to improve the existing conditions of Gozitan workers in Malta,” it said.

“As an Association we believe that this group of workers require measures, tailor-made (apart from those already existing) to address their needs. We believe that this is the only way these workers can improve their quality of life.,” said the AGEM.

Therefore the Association said that it is putting forward a number of proposals for consideration for 2018-2019 budget to the authorities concerned – “measures related to the above hardships are mentioned.”

“We believe that a number of the proposals may be in place and in our opinion, will have a strong impact on the daily lives of all Gozitan workers who cross daily to Malta for their work.”

The Association concluded by saying that it believes that these proposals are “socially just, create more equity and facilitate social mobility – basic principles on which this Association was founded.”

The proposal document, which is in Maltese, is available to download in full by clicking here.

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