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Three rescued bats successfully returned to the wild after rehabilitation

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Three rescued bats successfully returned to the wild after rehabilitationIn a ground breaking accomplishment, three bats of different species have successfully returned to the wild after being rescued and rehabilitated by the Nature Trust – FEE Malta Wildlife Rescue Team.

The NGO in a statement said that this “furthers its endeavours to conserve and protect native and protected wildlife of the Maltese Islands.”

Claude, a Kuhl’s Pipistrelle was rescued from Mellieha as a tiny pup, found with her eyes not yet opened, possibly after falling from her mother.

Young juvenile Common Pipistrelle which was named Luke, was found in Burmarrad extremely dehydrated.

Steph, a young juvenile Savi’s Pipistrelle, was found dehydrated in Naxxar, possibly after getting lost on her maiden flight from the roost.

NTM said that all three bats were fed a special milk formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing bats, weaned, taught to self feed, given flight training in which they developed their echolocation and hunting skills.

They were finally released back into the wild on Saturday after two and a half months of patience and dedication.

Members of Greenhouse Malta were also consulted to document details during the rehabilitation. These included weight, wing size and tooth structure, which are used for identification purposes and took faecal samples for DNA testing.

NTM said that the information collected will help in their Akustika National Survey of Maltese Bat Species Project and will also lead to a greater understanding of these wonderful mammals.

Nature Trust – FEE Malta thanked all members of the public who call the rescue line, 99999505, to report creatures in distress “as it is directly due to their compassion that these three bats, and all other rescued species are given a second chance at life.”

The NGO pointed out that a

ll members of the Nature Trust – FEE Malta Wildlife Rescue team are volunteers and work under strict permit conditions regulated by the Environment and Resources Authority.

Photos from left Luke, the common pipistrelle, Steph, the Savi’s pipistrelle and Claude, the Kuhl’s pipistrelle during the first days of rehab

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