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August sees almost 54mm of rain along with 312 hours of sunshine

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August sees almost 54mm of rain along with 312 hours of sunshineA temperature of 34.5°C on the third day of August got the month off to a hot start, with if going on to bring a mixture of wet and sunny weather to the islands, the Met Office said today.

Generally good weather was interrupted by five thunderstorms and six rainy days, which produced 53.8 mm of rainfall.

The Met Office noted that this total, however, came nowhere near close to toppling the ‘league leader’ which was in August 1964 with 155.5 mm of rainfall measured.

The brightest day had 12.7 hours of sunshine, with 312.1 hours of sunshine in total for the month. The 7th of August saw a mere 0.3 hours of sunshine, making it the month’s dullest day.

The cloud cover for August, averaging at 2.2 oktas, was considerably heavier than the expected 1.2 oktas. The Met Office added that this could in part explain why August’s total sunshine hours did not quite measure up to the climate norm of 335.3 hours of sunshine.

27.2°C was the average air temperature, matching expectations for this time of year. The mean maximum temperature for the month,was 0.7°C lower than the norm, which could partly be explained by the cooling effect usually brought about by the rain.

Rain, thunder, and wind all hit the islands on the 14th of August. The Met Office said that the day accounted for the month’s maximum gust, which blew at 34 knots from a north-northeast direction.

However, it was definitely not all doom and gloom on the day, as the sun shone for more than seven hours.

Photo by Alain Salvary: A rainy August day in Xaghra

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