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22% of Gozo’s population is over 65, the second highest district

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22% of Gozo's population is over 65, rated the second highest districtTo mark the International Day of Older Persons which is commemorated on the 1st of October every year, the National Statistics Office has released data related to the over 65s.

It noted that as at the end of 2017 the Southern Harbour district had the highest concentration of older persons (22.5%), this is followed by the Gozo and Comino district (21.9%).

A total of 89,517 persons aged 65 and over were living in Malta at the end of 2017, making up 18.8% of the population.

The NSO has also compiled population data which shows that the number of persons aged 65 or more has been on a steady increase between 2007 and last year, reaching a total of 89,517 – a 57.8% increase over 2007.

The NSO said that in 2017, life expectancy for the average 65-year-old was 20.7 years, an increase of almost two years over 2007.

It added that by the end of last year, 18.8% of the total population residing in Malta was at least 65 years old, of whom, 54.6% were females.

The Statistics on Income and Living Conditions Survey taken in 2017 show that 25.0 per cent of persons aged 65 and over were at-risk-poverty, while 26.4% were at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion.

The NSO noted that the same survey shows that 35.8% of the elderly (aged 65+) could not afford to pay for a one-week annual holiday away from home and 16.2% could not afford to face unexpected expenses of €650 and over.

9.75 of the respondents said that they could not keep their home adequately warm in winter, whereas 12.7% stated they had problems with either a leaking roof, or damp walls/floors/foundation or rot in window frames or door. The NSO added that an additional 7.9% stated that their dwelling was too dark or did not have enough light.

Results also indicate that males were in a better position than females to afford buying and replacing material items such as clothes and shoes, and to afford participating in leisure activities.

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