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Gozo meetings for Public Consultation on Local Government Reform

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Gozo meetings for Public Consultation on Local Government ReformParliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis has started a meeting campaign in relation to the launch of the Local Government Reform White Paper for public consultation, these include two to be held in Gozo this month.

Apart from these meetings, the Parliamentary Secretary also started visiting all the regions of Gozo and Malta.

The Parliamentary Secretary said that during these visits he will meet with all the regional presidents, mayors, councillors, executive secretaries and all those involved in local councils and listen to their suggestions in relation to the local government reform.

He will also be organising three other separate meetings with residents of Gozo and Malta so that he may be able to listen to their suggestions as well, “as after all, residents are the main protagonists of this reform,” the Parliamentary Secretary said.

During the first of this series of visits which was held in Malta, Parliamentary Secretary Parnis stated that citizen expectation has grown, and this is only to be expected after 25 years. He added that, “therefore, the main objective of the present reform is to give local government the tools to meet these expectations.”

Silvio Parnis also stated that he believes that this is the right time for us to register significant progress in terms of the quality of services rendered.

“This will ensure that local government will continue building on past achievements and, above all, that it will continue making a real difference in the lives of residents,” said the Parliamentary Secretary.

In Gozo, the schedule is as follows:

Meeting with the local councils forming part of the Gozo region. On Friday, the 23rd of November, at 6:00pm, at the Don Bosco Oratory, Victoria.

Meeting with the residents who live in Gozo, on Friday, the 30th of November, at 6:30pm, at the Xewkija Band Club Hall.

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