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A plea granted and Maruja now has her saxophone – Anthony Zammit

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A plea granted and Maruja now has her saxophone - Anthony Zammit“Some years ago I met a most beautiful singer and musician in a church in the city of Ayacucho in Peru. I couldn’t see her well from the Altar and I waited till the Mass ended and went near the choir. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her. She was totally blind!

She played the guitar, the organ, sang and directed the Choir with great ease and affluence. I was volunteering in my Mission at Santa Rosa which was 8 hours edge of mountain drive as you can see in the dangerous roads on movie documentaries.

Jamaru Gonzales De La Cruz (Maruja) has her ups and downs in life. She has no money and the local priests cold not pay her enough for her choir services. So we found her a job in teaching guitar in a High School. She did this for a whole year but then she decided to get into a school of music to learn the piano.

She had no money and no sponsors. She insisted and she sat for a test and they were so much impressed with her talent, being totally blind that they gave her a sponsorship and last time I saw her I had the pleasure to see her in her very first public concert and I filmed her.

As I send this story to the paper there were 32 views. Let’s see how many more she will get and maybe a comment like “Hello from Malta.”

That evening I took her and Liz to eat and she asked me, ever so shy and politely if I can help her to buy a Saxophone Alto. I promised her that I will try my best. See the photo at the restaurant in a previous article I put on Gozonews. Appeal for a Soprano Saxophone to send to Peru – Anthony Zammit ·

As I came to Malta I attended a concert at St George’s Basilica in Gozo and I saw a young lady playing what seemed to me to be a Saxophone Alto. I went up to her to ask her how much it costs and where to buy it from because I wanted to buy one for a poor blind lady in Peru.

She offered me another one she had but later on, she must have changed her mind because I did not hear from her again. I do not blame her, she seemed a very nice young lady, yet it is a mystery why she changed her mind.

Some weeks ago I received an email from a guy who was one of my altar boys when I was serving in Australia some 30 years ago. He is married and has two girls and lives in Europe. He offered me €1000.00 to use as I see fit in my Mission of Santa Rosa in Peru.

My first thought was to buy two laptops for the school I founded Colegio Anthony Zammit …… Then Maruja came to my mind and I wrote to my donor and asked him if I could buy a Saxophone for a blind lady and he said I trust your decision and am ready to sponsor Maruja for her brand new Saxophone. It took a lot of emails. Maruja and I communicate with voice messages.

Last week Maruja took part in a singing festival. She had to travel to Lima and Liz accompanied her. She won second place and while they were in Lima they bought the Saxophone.A plea granted and Maruja now has her saxophone - Anthony ZammitTo conclude: It is a beautiful gesture of gratitude from a man whom I had as my server on the altar when he was just a boy in Springvale Australia, This was his second donation for my work and I feel very fulfilled that God heard my plea for the money and now with her Saxophone Maruja ‘the blind musician’ can give witness of God’s love and blessings to the many Churchgoers in Ayacucho, Peru.”

Anthony Zammit,


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