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Update: Be Drastic, Cut Plastic – Gozo College Middle School campaign

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Be Drastic, Cut Plastic - Gozo College Middle School campaignUpdate below on tracking Doris the turtle –  Gozo College Middle School, through the EcoSchools Committee, is participating in the LitterLess Campaign for the second consecutive time.

Taking a whole school approach, the students are this year focusing on plastic pollution and are taking various initiatives to stop the use of single use plastic.

During the European week for waste Reduction, a clean up event was organised in Wied ta’ Zejta for their first event.

The students carried out a litter survey and collected over 30kgs of litter which consisted predominately of plastic waste.Be Drastic, Cut Plastic - Gozo College Middle School campaignThen earlier this month, all year 7 students had a talk about plastic and the damaging effects it has on the environment and wildlife. The presentation was delivered by a group of students attending Verdala International School through their ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bag Malta’ Campaign.

The presentation was followed by a Kahoot Quiz Game about Plastic Pollution and a workshop where one of the Year 7 classes created their own bag out of an old outgrown t-shirt.Be Drastic, Cut Plastic - Gozo College Middle School campaignThe next initiative was aimed at raising more awareness about marine litter created by single use plastic and to give something back to nature.

For this, the students attending Gozo College Middle School, adopted a turtle. Doris, a loggerhead turtle, has a missing flipper as a result of severe entanglement by marine debris.

The turtle was released back to freedom last Tuesday at Ghadira Bay Mellieha, with a satellite tracker attached to her shell,. Her release followed rehabilitation time under the care of Nature Trust – FEE Malta.Be Drastic, Cut Plastic - Gozo College Middle School campaignEco-Schools Committee members from Gozo College Middle School attended the turtle release and said that they will “continue working hard both at school and the wider community in Gozo promoting the message – to stop using plastic.”

Update – Doris the turtle is wearing a satellite tracker, and her progress can be followed through regular updates on the Nature Trust Malta facebook page.

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