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Dry and windy weather expected for the Christmas holidays

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Dry and windy weather expected for the Christmas holidaysThe Meteorological Office is forecasting a slightly warmer but windier Christmas weekend than those recorded during the past few years.

It said that Sunday is expected to be mainly cloudy, with temperatures reaching 17°C and dropping to 13°C. The day will be characterised by a moderate to strong wind blowing from a northwesterly direction.

A moderate to strong northwesterly wind is also forecast for Christmas Day, while the Met Office is forecasting a light northerly wind for for Boxing Day.

Between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, temperatures are forecast to lie in the range of a maximum of 18°C and a minimum of 9°C.

The Met Office added that while this Christmas is set to be slightly warmer than average, the warmest Christmas on record was that of 2009, when the maximum temperature reached was 23.6°C.

Malta has also come close to freezing over during the holidays in the past, when the lowest temperature on Christmas Day was recorded as an icy 3.7°C in 1986, it said.

Photograph: Villa Rundle dressed for Christmas in the sunshine by Alain Salvary

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