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Gozo-Malta tunnel is for the use of cars not people – Carmel Cacopardo

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Gozo-Malta tunnel is for the use of cars not people - Carmel CacopardoAD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo candidate for the European Parliament and Mina Tolu – also a candidate for the European Parliament, addressed those present at a public activity on climate change organised by ADZ (Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh – Youths of the Green Party) at City Gate, Valletta.

Carmel Cacopardo stated that the proposed tunnel between Malta and Gozo is “essentially a tunnel for the use of cars not for people. In fact it is estimated that the vehicle movement between the two islands is projected to increase from 3000 to 9000 vehicle movements daily over a fifteen year period.”

He added, “a service provided for the movement of people would be a fast ferry service: from Gozo to the commercial centres of Malta. The encouragement of the use of cars is central to the projected tunnel as tolls are paid and collected from car owners.”

Carmel Cacopardo, AD Chairperson stated that “the changeover of energy generation from HFO to gas was a positive step. However gas is considered as a transition fuel, in transit in the path to renewable energy generation.”

“We require more energy generated from the sun and wind and we also need to ensure that good use is made of energy generated from waves so abundant in the seas around us. The application of technology will lead to the creation of new sustainable jobs and simultaneously contribute to the betterment of everyone’s quality of life.”

“Transport is still a problem”, added Carmel Cacopardo “the problem will escalate further due to the astronomic increase in the number of cars on the roads. Unfortunately, instead of investing in sustainable transport, government has embarked on a massive programme of further development of the road infrastructure which will only end up in encouraging more cars on our roads,” he said.

Cacopardo went on, “consequently this will negativate the progress being registered with the registered increases in the use of public transport. We require real investments in infrastructure for bicycles and pedelecs.”

Mina Tolu explained the demands drawn up by ADZ, which claims reflect those being made at a European level by Green parties as well as green MEPs.

“We need investment to ensure efficient use of energy, as well as to ensure the transition to a sustainable economy and hundred per cent clean energy that better everyone’s quality of life and combat climate change.” said Tolu.

The MEP candidate added, “scientists estimate that just twelve years are left before climate change becomes very difficult to reverse the impacts of climate change. Action at a local, European and global level is called for. Malta can set an example as to what it means to be a sustainable economy which ensures the quality of life of its citizens.”

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    1. J Attewell says:

      Cars should not use the tunnel either it should be part of a metro system with trains taking people between the islands and between towns on each island.

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