Small effort, better Maltese! Charles Daniel Saliba’s latest book

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Small effort, better Maltese! Charles Daniel Saliba's latest bookThe second edition of his book Malti Ahjar bi Sforzi Zghar! Ktieb tat-Tahrig! has recently been launched by Gozitan author Charles Daniel Saliba.

He explained that it was updated to include the new orthographic regulations published by the National Council for the Maltese Language.

This workbook is aimed at self-learners who want to bring their knowledge up to date and to improve their grammar and spelling.

It contains: specific and general exercises on different aspects of the Maltese language; exercises on Decizjonijiet 1 and Decizjonijiet 2; three Maltese language proficiency tests; creative revision exercises and games like crosswords and snakes and ladders; and advice on writing and examples of essays, formal and informal letters, emails, circulars and memos.

Saliba said that the multi-topic worksheets and exercises “help learners improve proficiency by brushing up their Maltese grammar while learning the spelling rules.”

For more information, please click here.

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    2 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Charles Daniel Saliba have proved himself as “The Expert” of the Maltese Language. Gozo has provided many such persons, three that comes to mind are Guze Aquilina – Ninu Cremona & George Pisani. Each & everyone of these had been a leader in the Maltese language. Previously Gozo also had Aguis De Soldanis. Charles Daniel Saliba is at present the leading beacon from Gozo for the preservation of the Maltese Language.
      Well dane Charles Daniel, keep it up.

    2. Charles D. Saliba says:

      Thank you very much for your positive comments. I appreciate a lot!

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