Aggressive Behaviour Report Form launched by Education Ministry

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Aggressive Behaviour Report Form launched by Education MinistryThe Education Ministry has launched an online service where all teachers in schools will be able to make a report on any type of behaviour that they face. The form is available by clicking here.

The Ministry in a statement said, that it has taken note of the survey recently carried out by the Malta Union of Teachers on aggressive behaviour in schools, and said that it will “never tolerate violence against any educator or school employee.”

It added that although “this is not a scientific survey as pointed out by the Union, the Ministry will take immediate steps to ensure that the experiences described as aggressive and violent behaviour towards educators will continue to be answered.”

For the sake of transparency, the Ministry continued, “at the end of the school year we are going to publish a number of the reports received. Each report will be followed up by the Directorate for Educational Services within the Ministry so that the necessary steps are taken.”

“In the last budget € 280,000 was allocated for security systems,” which the Ministry added “will continue to be invested showing the commitment of this government for more security in state schools.”

The Ministry reiterated there will be “zero tolerance on aggressive behaviour against educators,” and in light of this, the government will be looking at the laws for any kind of aggression or violence occurring in an educational institution, to ensure more severe penalties in this regard.

The MUT in a statement on Thursday regarding the findings of the survey, explained that when its members were questioned whether they experienced aggression at their respective schools in the past two years, “87% of respondents confirmed that they experienced it. 23% of respondents claimed that they experienced aggressive behaviour on a daily basis whilst another 23% claimed a weekly frequency of aggressive behaviour being experienced.”

The MUT went on to say that “when questioned who the perpetrator in the aggressive situations was, 75% of respondents mentioned students, 29% parents, 12% colleagues whist 9% mentioned superiors. 60% of respondents claimed that they reported the aggression, meaning that the rest did not report.2

Respondents were also asked to describe their experience, and situations experienced ranged from aggression on school premises, outside school and through online communication.

The Union added that experiences can be categorised as verbal or physical aggression and include threats, foul language, biting, scratching, hitting and throwing objects.

In view of this, the MUT stated that was sending a clear message to educational authorities that it will “not tolerate that educators continue to endure aggressive behaviour.”

“No justification whatsoever will be acceptable in all aggressive situations and the Union will be issuing directives to members who suffer such situations to protect the educator and other students in class,” it said.

The Union also announced that it is launching two new services for members who experience such situations.

The first is an SMS emergency line to report aggressive behaviour and receive the appropriate assistance.

The second is the provision of a psycho-social service from qualified personnel. The Union said that details about these will be communicated directly to the members of the Union.

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