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“Open ideas” competition needed for Marsalforn waterfront – PD

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"Open ideas" competition needed for Marsalforn waterfront - PDAn “open ideas” competition which wold offer “an alternative and more sensitive vision for a Marsalforn waterfront,” has been suggested by Partit Demokratiku.

PD said that it noted the dire need to provide Marsalforn with a proper breakwater, “but also greets the proposal for a new waterfront with concern.”

“The current proposed design has quickly been produced with little regard for the sensitivity of the character, landscape and identity of Gozo,” stated PD.

It added that the design is “preferring outdated concepts promote an artificial beach, sunbeds and puts the health of the waters at the bay at risk, which are already prone to pollution.”

Partit Demokratiku said that it is however, “in favour of reinvigorating the Gozitan economy, and wishes to do so while recognising and reinforcing the particular qualities of Gozo which make it unique.”"Open ideas" competition needed for Marsalforn waterfront - PDGodfrey Farrugia, Leader of PD stated, “We consider this to be an opportunity to restore Gozo using the wealth of public knowledge, expertise and passion which is just waiting to be tapped into, via opening up the design of the waterfront to a competition of ideas, plans and proposals.”

“This competition could be adjudicated by a panel of experts and designers from both the local and international design scene, backed by the appropriate studies, environmental and otherwise, which would then be made available as a point of reference,” he added.

“We must recognise the qualities of Gozo and seek to reinforce them,” said MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott. “Partit Demokratiku believes in the potential for Gozo to stand on its own two feet, rather than be dependent on Malta, and we believe that Gozo should take pride in its identity, and prosper through it.”

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    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      I remember me – there was 2008 a tender .
      And – nothing happens !
      May now ?
      Good idea – have all the papers still in my office .

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