Gozo tunnel project lacks consultation and respect for the environment – PD

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Gozo tunnel project lacks consultation and respect for the environment - PDThe Gozo tunnel project lacks “proper consultation, real discussion, and respect for the environment lacking,” said Partit Demokratiku.

In a statement today, PD said that it will be launching its policy for Gozo in the coming days and has insisted that Gozo’s insularity needs to be tackled with a completely different approach to that presently promoted by the Government.

It seems that according to recent public statements, “the Gozo Tunnel, as currently proposed, is a done deal,” PD said.

MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren pointed out that “the total lack of a public participation process is incredible considering that this is a major project with far reaching effect on Gozo’s life fabric. The island’s environment, way of life, physical capital and social milieu will be forever changed and for the worse.”

She added that “PD stands for a structured plan that, through positive discrimination proposals, leads towards a level playing field for Gozitans and brings real meaning to its Poplu Wiehed (One People) call. The issue of connectivity does not need a permanent link to be solved.”

“Decision makers need to think out of the box, and PD will soon be launching a series of proposals on how Gozitans can get better access to opportunities and better connectivity,” said MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott.

PD went on to say that whilst acknowledging that Government has an electoral mandate for a permanent link, “it needs to be ensured that all the necessary studies on the environmental impact and on the technological issues are carried out and presented for public consultation.”

“Has the Government considered other technologies besides seabed tunnelling, which do not impact so negatively on the environment,” asked PD.

It also questioned the decision as to why the tunnel being proposed is earmarked for car use rather than some form of mass transportation which could eventually be integrated into a broader network in Malta as well.

MEP candidate Anthony Buttigieg remarked that “the feeling that such major projects are being presented to the people when all major decisions have been taken generates a sense of resignation, which needs to be resisted. We cannot allow such projects to be presented as a fait accompli.”

PD oncluded by saying that it will “keep on fighting for proper consultation, real discussion, and respect to the environment. So far, the Gozo tunnel project fails in all three.”

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