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Garbage bags make pavement inaccessible along Ghajn Street

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Garbage bags make pavement inaccessible in Ghajn Street - Anthony Zammit“This is an unwelcome sight which one can see frequently on Ghajn Qatet Street, Victoria. Where are the fines?

There are cameras around and yet that pavement is often inaccessible because it is encumbered with resident’s garbage, even some from other streets.

And for goodness sake, when is the responsible department going to complete the 5 metre walkway right opposite Wistin Camilleri Street on Ghajn Qatet Street?

The one-way signs were erected and the ‘bankina’ was not done. All it needs is two bags of cement and some bricks and the cars will then not park on its space and elderly people will be able to walk in safety.”

Thank you,

Anthony Zammit, Victoria.

Photograph: Anthony Zammit

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    3 Responses

    1. Charles Mintoff says:

      I would like to point also the scheme for distributing plastic Bins should have been more acceptable for the elderly who our unable to go and collect them from council offices

    2. Better Future says:

      This type of scenery is everywhere due to no law enforcement and the attitude of as long as its not in front my property.

    3. Daniel says:

      Another eye sore refuse bags left at the top corner of ta.Cini str., yet i noticed a sign placed by the local QALA council reading anyone caught damping or fouling the street will be prosecuted, but to no avail as people still damp their rubbish in the same spot, *WHILE ON THIS SUBJECT DRIVERS COMING IN FROM THE TOP OF TA CINI STREET TAKING THE CORNER AT A VERY HIGH SPEED. 7+_ YEARS AGO RESIDENTS IN THE AREA HAVE APPLIED TO TM THROUGH THE LOCAL COUNCIL TO POSSIBLY PLACE A COUPLE OF SLEEPING POLICEMAN – *ALSO TO NO AVAIL. ok to see signs reading speed kills, but at this rate i guarantee ONE DAY THERE IS GOING TO BE A BIG ALMIGHTY ACCIDENT POSSIBLY FATAL NOW THERE ARE YOUNG CHILDREN LIVING IN THE vicinity of Ta Cini street.. DON’T SAY WE HAVEN’T WARNED THE AUTHORITIES regarding this important issues, the ball is in your court.

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