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Discover the tale of The Maltese Cinderella in Gozo – Exhibition

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Discover tale of The Maltese Cinderella in Gozo - ExhibitionThe Maltese Cinderella – is a Socio-Literary Exhibition at Il-Hagar Museum in Victoria, Gozo, which offers an unusual socio-literary look at the Cinderella story.

Dra Veronica Veen, who is an art historian and social anthropologist, has been studying for years Germudija, the Gozo variant of the Cinderella theme.

After getting Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb support for her book `The Maltese Cinderella & Women’s Storytelling Tradition,’ she has set up a detailed look about the tale itself as it developed in various cultures.

Dra Veronica Veen commented that, “the find of il-Germudija in 1992, a special variant of Cinderella, gave me a fresh incentive to study the socio-cultural importance of fairy tales.”

Told by “common,” but often experienced and wise people, they are deeply rooted in the relations and contradictions of a society and a period.”

They are able to deal with these frictions in often entertaining narratives, giving perspective, hope and solace to people who are excluded and “not seen,” the author said. “So obviously to women and girls who are unfortunately often still in need of improvement of their position.”

She added that this may explain why a story about a degraded girl such as Cinderella who eventually reaches a happy life, became popular around the world.

Dra. Veen pointed out that significantly, it were foremost women who told it and later also studied and commented it. “In feminist circles there arose criticism of certain domestic, dependent, and passive aspects of the heroine and the inevitable marriage as happy end.”

“They failed however to see it in the social, ‘living’ context and what fairy tales traditionally are all about. But especially in Malta the heroine is all but passive and takes her fate firmly in her own hands,” the author said.

This material can be viewed until the 11th of April on level 2 at the museum, which is located in St George’s Square, and is open free of charge 9am-5pm, seven days a week,

Dra Veen is also offering allied events, including a lecture on the 23rd of March at 11am, guided tours cum workshop (with required booking and prizes) and student visits.

Copies of the book will be available and Veronica is usually in attendance for further background explanations.

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