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“Abortion is in no way part of Malta’s government programme” – Sant

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Abortion is in no way part of Malta's government programme - Sant MEP Alfred Sant has pointed out at the European Parliament in Brussels that “abortion is in no way part of the programme of Malta’s Labour government.”

He argued that “those who cheer on local or foreign MEPs in their criticism, or even their condemnation of the current Maltese government on the rule of law, are mum when it comes to the European Parliament’s condemnation of Malta’s failure to introduce abortion.”

“These do not comment when they realise that according to its own judgements the European Parliament would be condemning Malta because it has not introduced abortion,” the MEP said.

“Those who keep harping at the European Parliament on the supposed need of the rule of law in Malta are unwittingly opening the road to abortion in the Maltese Islands” said Dr Sant.

The MEP argued that ” European MEPs encouraging these people in their battle cry could justifiably point out that not the same whoop is given to the cause of abortion.”

“It is not surprising,” Dr Sant maintained, that “those who attempt to counter the current government’s successes in the Maltese Islands by smear puffery, also drag abortion into the fray.”

The MEP acknowledged that “it is certainly true a large majority of countries and citizens of the European Union consider abortion to be a natural right of women, and that, where accepted, provide facilities for its safe performance.”

Nevertheless, he added, “it is also certainly true that in the Maltese Islands a very large majority opposes abortion, and this is also true of all political parties.”

Alfred Sant insisted that the Maltese Labour government “has no intention whatsoever to introduce abortion in Malta, now or in the future, and about this there is no equivocation.”

Dr Sant concluded by saying that “this is a credible policy, because it is perfectly consistent with the tradition of socialist leadership in the Maltese Islands.”

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