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Gozo tunnel will not only benefit Gozitans but all the population – GBC

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Gozo tunnel will not only benefit Gozitans but all the population - GBCThe Gozo Business Chamber has welcomed news that a parliamentary motion on the Gozo tunnel project was presented in Parliament on Tuesday.

“This project will not only benefit Gozitans but all the population, as everyone stands to gain from the positive developments that this project will bring with it,” the GBC said in a statement.

The motion was presented by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, and the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana.

The GBC said it also welcomed the fact that the parliamentary motion recognised that this project was included in the electoral manifesto of both parties.

“There is a clear mandate that this project is implemented while at the same time safeguarding all Maltese and EU planning and environmental rules,” stated the Chamber.

“This is a project that has been proposed, and worked on for several years with the full support of every party that was in government during that period.” said the GBC.

The Chamber argued that “studies that have always clearly shown that the subsea tunnel is the best option as a permanent link between the two islands and that the necessary studies will be undertaken so that this project can move forward.”

The GBC went on to say that it agrees that this project is to be conducted in the “most sustainable manner possible.”

“The Gozo tunnel project should also be part of an overall strategy that will continue to enhance Gozo’s socio-economic development and improve the quality of life of Gozitan residents,” the GBC added

The Chamber urged the Government and the Opposition to sustain their promises and continue with commitment the necessary preparations so that the project is implemented.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    2 Responses

    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Will not only benefits Gozitans – It will only benefit may 150 Gozitans and Thousands of Maltese – and all the Members of the GBC – this is the fact !!!
      You will RUIN Gozo !!!

    2. gabriella raguzzi says:

      exactly…the most stupid idea..of the world…it will be the ruin for GOZO!!!!????

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