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Gozo Business Chamber disappointed over PD’s remarks on Gozo tunnel

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Gozo Business Chamber disappointed over PD's statement on Gozo tunnelIn reaction to the Democratic Party’s statement on the Gozo tunnel project, the Gozo Business Chamber said that it regretted PD’s remarks that it “doubts the validity of the study prepared in 2015 in conjunction with Transport Malta on the connectivity project between Gozo and Malta.”

The Chamber went on to say that it is “especially disappointed because the same statement casts a shadow on this valuable work without giving any valid reason for the position adopted.”

The GBC argued that the statement “does not do justice to those who took part in this initiative and to all Gozitans and Maltese that are waiting in earnest for this project to be implemented.”

“The study by the Gozo Business Chamber, on the other hand, was prepared by leading experts in the country, who built on the contribution of other foreign experts who have had long experience in the subject, and on studies conducted by large international firms,” the Chamber said.

It added that the study considered a number of options for connectivity between the islands, “and concluded that the subsea tunnel would deliver the best economic results while ensuring the financial sustainability of the project.”

According to the Chamber, “this was an important step that led the government to commission other studies on the technical viability and social impacts of the subsea tunnel project, which led to the present advanced state of affairs.”

The Gozo Business Chamber continued by urging all the parties participating in the debate on this important project “to be objective in their contributions, and to do so in a constructive manner based on facts rather than unsubstantiated fears and doubts.”

“It is more productive that we talk about how to ensure that the connectivity project between the islands is used in the best way for the sustainable development of the country, and for the welfare of the population that wants to live and work both in Malta and in Gozo,” the GBC concluded.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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