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Keeping the food on your plate better and fresher for longer

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Keeping the food on your plate better and fresher for longerThe University of Malta has said that people are now demanding higher quality food that tastes better and stays fresher for longer. “As well as this, foodbourne disease outbreaks are a constant treat that needs vigilance to prevent and control.”

With this in mind, the European project SUIT4FOOD is training the next generation of food technologists, including students in Malta.

UM said that two of its post-graduate students were selected to participate in this workshop in Athens, which finishes today, Good Friday, the 19th of April. They were accompanied by two UM resident academics, Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis and Dr Edward Duca.

Keeping the food on your plate better and fresher for longerSUIT4FOOD was set up to bring together teaching and industrial staff who are currently working on different aspects of food technologies, food safety, kinetic modelling, harmonisation of global food safety regulations and legislation, public engagement for food technology uptake, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship development.

UM said that this workshop will contribute to the development of sound Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), optimisation of alternative sustainable intervention technologies for food processing, transferring knowledge to industry to support food industry and food management (traceability, food safety).

“The activities of SUIT4FOOD will ensure further visibility of UM students’ capabilities to the industrial world, the University said.

SUIT4FOOD (Sustainable Intervention Technologies for controlling food Safety and Stability) is a UM project funded by ERASMUS+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships of the European Union funded by EUPA.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Photographs: Researcher Dr Ana Allende Prieto training students at SUIT4FOOD and Entrepreneur Christian Theel showing cold plasma technology

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