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A lack of broadcasting from Gozo – By Lino DeBono

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Lack of Broadcasting from Gozo - By Lino DeBono“This week I met a friend who remarked that whilst in Malta a numerous amount of roads are being either resurfaced or overhauled, in Gozo there was no such activity. I contradicted his views, but in the couple of minutes we talked it was nigh on impossible to explain the vast projects involving the resurfacing and overhauling of the roads system in Gozo.

So instead of having a friendly debate with my friend, I opted to write an article on this particular subject.

The main problem regarding the sharing and provision of information to the general public, in my opinion, is due to lack of television and radio coverage from Gozo.

Although Gozo does have a professional team provided by Citadel Productions ably led by Mr Alvin Scicluna, who year after year, is nominated as one of the best programmers that Television Malta has, this programme is limited only to cultural events and never ever to political or village/peoples needs.

Also the Gozo Curia has the facilities for radio programmes which were previously ably led by Ms. Charmaine Attard. However, since Ms Attard left Gozo for Malta, not only has the Curia’s radio programme stopped, but the studio was transferred to the kitchen room.

I have on several occasions brought this up with His Excellency the Bishop of Gozo, suggesting that something should be done about it, but till now nothing has been done. This is a great pity, as an important voice for Gozo has been terminated.

I therefore do lament this lack of facilities in Gozo, which thus make it very hard for people to really be in touch with what is happening. What we Gozitans mostly hear or read in newspapers or on TV or radio programmes has nothing to do with what peoples actual views are.

In Gozo there are no political debates, no people’s opinion on things, no invitations for Gozitans to take part in political – social – general issues, except occasionally for the usual handful of commercial people.

There is no broad media in Gozo to highlight all of our issues, ailments or satisfactions. We only hear the court sentences usually if someone is fined or jailed, or when a procession is taking place.

It has taken two expatriates living in Gozo, Tish and Michael Wetton, to take the initiative and create a website for the Gozo News. I do personally on behalf of Gozo and Gozitans thank them and applaud their positive interest in Gozo and its peoples.

Coming to this article’s original scope, I did some research to find out about the large number of roads that have been done, are in the process of being done, and those which are planned for the future.

Nadur: Asphalting: Imgarr & Isopu. Resurfacing of roads and complete overhaul: Nadur & Qortin.

Xaghra: Asphalting: Masri – Kumminattiva – Gajdoru – Marsalforn. Resurfacing: Ghajn Hosna.

Zebbug: Asphalting: Ponta – Ghajn Mhelhel. Resurfacing: Saghtrija.

Ghajnsielem: Asphalting: Hamri – Provigarju. Resurfacing: Part of Zewwiqa Rd,

Qala: Asphalting: Part of Zewwiqa Rd – Part of Triq il-Kuncizzjoni. Resurfacing: Kassja – Midhna.

Kercem: Asphalting: Gojjin – Summien. Resurfacing: Wenzu Mintoff – Wied il-Lunzjata.

Xewkija: Asphalting: Hamri – St Elizabeth. Resurfacing: Church – St Catherine’s. Major works in Xewkija Square.

Sannat: Asphalting: Sannat – tal-Virtu. Resurfacing: 20 ta’ Lulju – Ta’ Saguna.

Gharb: Asphalting: Tumas Cassar – tal-Virtu.

Ghasri: Asphalting: San Pupulju – Trejqet Guzepp Cassar – Trejqet id-Dehra – Tamar – Tal-Fanal.

San Lawrenz: Asphalting: Duluri – Wileg – Wied Merill – Triq Gebla tal-General – Frangisk Portelli

Resurfacing: San Lawrenz – Triq id-Dwejra.

Munxar: Asphalting: Triq Qsajjem, Resurfacing: Munxar Str – Zirzieb.

Victoria: Asphalting: L-Imghallem – Wara s-Sur – Forn il-Gir – Mattea Preti – Michele Busuttil – Mary Mejlaq – Gorg Pisani – Santa Dminka – Marsalforn. Resurfacing: Ghajn Qatet & Archpriest Pietru Pace.

Fontana: Resurfacing: Part of Tal-Ghajn – Kappillan Hili till Qalb ta’ Gesu.

I do believe that the above shows the continuous work that’s being done. This apart from major projects such as the Xlendi and Marsalforn Valley’s, the factories at il-Hofra and others, the reverse osmosis plant at Hondoq, plus many other projects which have already been agreed too or are in the pipeline.

One is to note that the photo shown in a newspaper of the proposed road in discussion leading from Mgarr to Xewkija, I do believe is not the right one. This have to be corrected by the newspaper which came out with the mentioned photo.

Those with knowledge of this area know that there already exists a road from Xatt l-Ahmar leading to the back of Cordina Street and leading to Ghajnsielem Cemetery, this leads to the Heliport and can continue to Xewkija, Sannat and Munxar.

From the Heliport roads leading to the other parts of Gozo such as Victoria – Xaghra – Marsalforn – Kercem localities can easily then turn onto Mgarr Road at the end of Xewkija Roundabout near Santa Cecilia Tower.

Armchair critics have a tendency to insult and criticise anything and everything. These people are incapable of creating anything themselves, but just stay at home and live an imaginary life without ever contributing anything to the general public welfare.

I have a tendency to believe that “Nothing ventured – Nothing gained.” This quote I dedicate to the tunnel project which has now been passed unanimously by parliament.

A particularly insulting critic said that I support the Hon Gozo Minister Dr Justyne Caruana. Of course I do. There is no doubt in that. I value her integrity, excellent good governance – changing of Gozo with her seriousness – discipline – courage – hope and optimism she has, and is managing to bring to Gozo and the Gozo Ministry.

The Gozo Ministry is no more a political party office, but a normal functioning Ministerial Office.

I will end my article by quoting Alistair Campbell: “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, continual and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” This is exactly what makes armchair critics dangerous.”

Lino DeBono,


File photograph: Ongoing work Mgarr Rd, Nadur

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    3 Responses

    1. anthony zammit says:

      Dear Mr. Debono,

      Seems that your friend does not come to Gozo, otherwise he would have surly stumbled on a Stop sign and redirection because of roadworks. If you have friends who are interested of what is going on, in Gozo invite them to register themselves in where they will get 90% of what is going on, on our beloved little great Island. There is also many groups on Facebook like GOZONE. In fact as I am writing this comment 5 shares have been shared by the Gozo Minister about 5 projects on Facebook GOZONE.

      I cannot see why the Gozo Curia even though they have the facilities for radio programming is obliged to inform its Catholic listeners of resurfacing of roads or overhauling! With Ms. Charmane Attard or without, Catholic broadcasting hasn’t any obligation to broadcast such happenings.
      I too support the Hon Minister Justyne Caruana and value her dedication and determination but this does not mean that all critics are to be trashed as insulting and armchair-no-good people.

      Dear Lino there are 868 quotes, I invite you to read them. Let me share one with you:

      “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop.”

      (New Statesman interview, 7 January 1939 – Winston Churchill)

      Now, comes my criticism, why does it take so long to finish a stretch of road? Is it because many jobs are done by the same contractor at the same time? Is it because of lack of big machinery? Is the apparatuses used to fair standard? Why is my haste? I criticize the pointless length of time where the general public as well as residence suffer pointless travail. But most of all I feel for the proprietors of stores who suffers great financial losses. Whenever the Movie people close roads to shoot their movie, business are remunerated handsomely for their losses. I am not suggesting this to happen in this case but at least consider their suffering and losses and make all that is possible to start and finish the job in the fastest way possible without any consequence on the job itself. Let all departments, water, electricity, drainage, signs, Council, police and wardens focus and work in conjunction for a heftier and more efficient job. I am sure you agree with me Mr DeBono and so I believe the Minister.

      Thank you

    2. Lino DeBono says:

      Constructive criticism is most welcome. I only indicated negative destructive criticism. Whenever someone objects to anything in a constructive way, then why not. Bur if an armchair critic always writes destructively, then I do have my views on these sort of writings.
      I have several friends of mine from the opposite political side whom we tend to disagree on and from which road Gozo has to go through, but finally both sides do have the final issue of doing the best for Gozo. Only from different perspectives and roads to reach the final aims to the benefit of Gozo.
      This I classify as positive.

    3. tom says:

      this picture is right one , road next to Fliegu restaurant is closed some 6 months now and NO works takes place ..

      by the way (forget the pun) what about toilets in Dwejra ? it is festa today and ONE dirty cubicle available for thousands of tourist still going there despite no more Azure Window ..

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