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Once more a request to please attend to our sidewalk

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Once more a request to please attend to our sidewalk“Victoria Council? Gozo Ministry? Who is in charge of the sidewalks in Victoria? I am referring to a sidewalk on Ghajn Qatet Street in front of Wistin Camilleri St.

It is next to the Hospital and school children accompanied by their grandparents are daily using this road, also, sick people going to the hospital to get their tests, visit relatives and for other needs, walk from there.

There is a side walk marked with cement and therefore not asphalted, but because it is not raised cars park as close to the wall as possible utterly closing the side walk and blocking any passage way.

The water bottles put there to safeguard this pedestrian ‘right of way’ does not seem to be enough because two of the containers were trampled on and soon cars will again be parking close to the wall.

If the Council, or whoever is responsible does not instantly take care of this measly job we will hold them responsible for any accident of pedestrians who are forced to leave the safety of the side walk and walk on the road!”

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph by Anthony Zammit

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    5 Responses

    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Hello Anthony .
      Don’t worry . I never saw a Gozitan using them . All going on the roads 😉

    2. dave mossop says:

      Suggest you get yellow paint and finish yourself.

    3. anthony zammit says:

      Dietmar I will invite you for the funeral of the first victim if and when it happens! Gozitans use the roads because they are forced to. One day the Council will not be able to cover the cost of suing and will have to make sidewalks good for walking on.

    4. tamworthterry says:

      Are there such things as pavements in Gozo, if they are not covered by coffee tables, flower pots or cars . It’s the Elections soon ,make your feeling known

    5. Mary says:

      Sadly Gozo is being rapidly destroyed by rampant greed and a total lack of any enforcement whatsoever.

      Try to walk down to the polyclinic from Piazza San Frangisk, you will have to walk through the middle of a bar’s tent and tables which have been allowed to take over the entire pavement. The same has also happened at Piazza Savina where the tent even has a plastic door across the pavement which has to be negotiated.

      The latest such abomination is in the alley off Triq Monsignor Giuseppe Farrugia, which was a little green oasis in the heart of Victoria we used to frequently visit with our grand-children. The bottom half of the alley has been commandeered by a bakery, the beautiful plants have been moved and replaced by oil drums and a trailer full of wood, together with the inevitable tables.

      When are the authorities going to act? When the tourists stop coming or before? When Gozo’s inhabitants have nowhere left to enjoy, or before? When it is too late or before?

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