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Regeneration project for St Francis Square underway in Victoria

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Regeneration project for St Francis Square underway in VictoriaThe initiation of the project for the regeneration of St Francis Square in the heart of Victoria, was announced today by the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana.

“It is estimated that the project, now underway after being promised for many years, will cost around € 3 million, and this is thanks to the result of a strong economic situation and because our country is generating one surplus after another,” said Justyne Caruana.

She added that the completion of the project will also complement the steps and new health centre on the opposite side of the square.Regeneration project for St Francis Square underway in Victoria“This is a holistic project which will not only complete the regeneration of the area, it will also be serving the different needs and functions,” said the Minister

Justyne Caruana explained that the work being carried out in St Francis Square will be done to fully respect the monuments and heritage that make this such a popular square, and it will also be accessible in accordance with the criteria established with the Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Minister said that will be a system installed for the better management of water and traffic.

Justyne Caruana concluded by thanking all those who participated and submitted their proposals during the consultation meetings for the square held last year/

Bottom photograph: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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    5 Responses

    1. Ray says:

      Let’s hope they complement it by making all the cafes spruce themselves up as well, as it is both the cafes and the parking which make the square look a mess.!

    2. just an expat says:

      Sadly this means the loss of yet more parking spaces within Victoria. Parking is already impossible unless you go incredibly early or are very, very lucky. I no longer go to Victoria unless it is imperative and a bit of shopping is a thing of the past. When will the powers that be realise that fancy paving may look nice but it limits access for all except those able to easily walk the half mile from where they have managed to find a parking space.

    3. james duxbury says:

      where will a disabled person like myself park to visit the nessesary government offices ?has this been considered ?

    4. Ray says:

      Much of the parking in the square up till now has been illegal with roughly 50% of vehicles parked where there no official spaces!
      By all means make provision for disabled drivers, but stop all the ones who just park, even on the crossing, to go to the cafes etc. Those of us who live in the area walk and many who live in villages elsewhere park near us and walk also, so other than disabled, tough!
      Park on the outskirts and walk!

    5. just an expat says:

      Well Ray there are many of us who are not considered disabled but who are not able to walk any distance without at the least discomfort if not outright pain – you are obviously one of the lucky ones!

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