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“There is no Christian faith without interior life” – Bishop Mario Grech

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"There is no Christian faith without interior life" - Bishop Mario Grech“We pretend that the choices of our society are in accordance with the will of God; but this can not be, because the root of everything is the interior life, and if it is missing, then the risk is that as a society we take decisions that contrast with the will of God and therefore unbecoming to man.”

Bishop Mario Grech said this when he was celebrating with the Augustinian Sisters the 125th anniversary of their congregation in Malta. He said their community life is a reminder to the Church and to man the of “primacy of the interior life”.

To quote St. Augustine, from which the Augustinian family takes inspiration, “man needs to enter a deep communion with God to grow in the interior life,” the Bishop said.

“Many are discouraged by this interior journey because it is long and hard”, said the Bishop. He recalled that “the main purpose in the launch of the Marian Year is precisely so that Mary can help us grow in our interior life. Mary is the model par excellence of the spiritual man,” stressed the Bishop.

The Bishop reminded the Sisters of their religious calling featuring its own community life which take account of the interior life of another. “The quality of human activity depends on how we are contemplative,” said the Bishop.

The Congregation of the Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary, first came to Malta in 1894 at the invitation of Bishop Pietro Pace, and over the years they have opened many schools in Malta.

Then in 1946 the Sisters established themselves in a convent and retreat house in Ghajnsielem, Gozo. They are also in Australia, USA, England, Brazil, Zaire, India and the Philippines.

The Mass of Thanksgiving was held in Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, and celebrated on the first Wednesday of the Assumption.

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