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Positive Birth Movement Gozo official launch this Mother’s Day

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Positive Birth Movement Gozo official launch this Mother's DayThe Positive Birth Movement (PBM) is coming to Gozo, with its launch on social media today. PBM Gozo will be run by Senior Midwife Dr. Georgette Spiteri and Maternal Health & Parenthood Writer Daniela Grech Sultana.

They will be organising free-to-attend meet-ups aimed at pregnant women, their partners, as well as parents and the first monthly meet up will be in June. The date, time and location of each meet-up will be communicated every month, the group said.

They went on to explain that already active in Malta, “the group will serve as a great place for women in Gozo and their partners to meet up and get really well informed about birth.”

“The aim of the groups is to create a space for women and their partners to make their voices heard, to feel empowered and build a community which supports women and birth,” they said.

“By coming together, in real life and online, and sharing experiences, feelings, knowledge and wisdom, women and society can create a movement which advocates for positive childbirth,” the group said.

The group added that they welcome women “from all backgrounds and respects all birth choices.”

The PBM is a global grassroots organisation with over 400 groups around the world. It was set up in 2012 by writer, birth campaigner and UK-based mum of 3 Milli Hill.

Groups meet all around the world and are a place for women to get support and information, as well as learn more about their birth choices. All of the groups are connected by the PBM’s large social media network.

The meet ups, the group said, are also open to women who have had their baby or babies already, and anyone who wants to share their birth story or get involved in the movement’s aim of making birth a more positive experience.

Milli Hill, Founder of the PBM, said, “I am so thrilled that the PBM is coming to Gozo. The organisation is making such a difference to women and it is great to hear that families in Gozo will now benefit from this fantastic free resource.”

Photograph: PBM

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