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Nadur village – By Lino DeBono

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Nadur village - By Lino DeBono“Nadur, after Victoria, has the second largest population, closely followed by Xaghra. Nadur is also one of the nicest villages that Gozo enjoys, situated on a hilltop, it enjoys a natural panoramic view and a beauty of its own.

From Nadur one can view the surrounding countryside of Gozo, as well as Comino and Malta, and on the other side, especially from Mixta Cave, one also gets a stupendous view of Ramla Bay. For me it is just breath-taking.

Nadur also enjoys terraced farmland which is a beauty to behold, and of course leads onward to San Blas Bay and the lovely Dahlet Qorrot Bay. Lastly, together with Xaghra, Nadur enjoys the ever beautiful Ramla Bay.

The people of Nadur have many ties with America as many of them emigrated there after the First World War, mainly to New York. It is in fact quite common to find houses in Nadur with signs of “God Bless America” or American flags hoisted on rooftops.

After the carnival was discontinued in Victoria, Nadur took it over and in recent years the Nadur Carnival has become famous throughout Gozo, Malta and the rest of the world.

People from all over, included foreigners, flock to participate and watch these festivities which are spontaneous and most natural. Carnival at Nadur has indeed become “a must see event.”

Access of roads

As previously mentioned, Nadur is situated on a hilltop, access to it is limited to about four roads, as far as I know. I may be mistaken, but that’s how I know it.

The major roads with access to Nadur are those from Mgarr to Nadur – Mgarr Road and Tax-Xhajma Road from Xewkija to Nadur. A minor road leads from Qala to Nadur and lastly there is a secondary road, which is only used by locals, connecting Qala with Nadur from the sea area.

Ta’ Xhajma Road.

I remember very well when this road was extended to how it is at present. The road was built on clay foundation and as no modern technology was then available, the road subsided quite a few times, until in very recent years major works were carried out to correct the foundations of the road.

Indeed in Victoria, at what is called the Kappuccini area, the first houses built there all shifted because they were built on a clay foundation, causing subsidence and fissures larger than the width of an arm. This provide a salutary lesson for future generations who acquired a governmental plot in that particular area.

Experts were brought in, who after long extensive tests, found a solution to this particular problem, enabling new roads and buildings to be constructed without similar problems. One learns by ones mistakes or lack of a professional expert’s advice. This may take some time, but prevention is the best cure of all.

Mgarr Road leading to Nadur

Recently the Mgarr Road leading to Nadur had large fissures appearing in it and part of the road started to give way to subsidence Although several temporary works of patching and filling have been done on it, no one till now had taken the bull by the horns and really examined the problem of how to fix these very important issues on this road.

The road eventually had to be closed due to parts of it collapsing and it also became clear that even the Nadur Football Ground is being effected by the movement of the road, which makes it even more dangerous than previously thought. Experts were were therefore brought in to examine the area in order to find solutions of how to fix these problems once and for all.

It was then discovered that the boundary walls supporting this road were not thick enough to withstand the pressure of the road (This is something similar to Ta’ Xhajma Road). Borehole digging in this area had also affected it, as well as water flowing underneath which added to the problem, and drainage water leaking from underground pipes was also discovered.

Due to this becoming a major problem – which no one in the past had ever dared to go into, the present administration took the bull by the horns – and brought in local and foreign experts to find the cause and provide solutions, to rebuild this road once and for all.

As a matter of fact I have been informed when inquiring, that works will start as soon as the expert’s reports come in.


One can certainly understand the frustrations of local people having one of their major roads closed or in limited use, but as the Maltese saying goes “Qattusa Ghaggelija – Freh Ghomja Tghamel” (Measure a Hundred Times before Cutting).

As this road does require major works at huge expense, one has to be quite certain that works implemented are done professionally, with and on expert’s advice. Works therefore have to last for a long period of years together with ongoing maintenance.

This, everyone knows, is a major project which will be done. The Gozo Ministry has promised so, and as everyone knows, the Gozo Minister the Hon Justyne Caruana, keeps to her word, let us give her space and let the project be guided and implemented by the experts.

It would be irresponsible to start works prior to the expert’s professional advice, so apart from the frustration for a person to by-pass the major road to reach Nadur, one has to make use of the other roads which are available.

The present administration certainly do keep their promises, as can be seen by the initial works which started on the Gozo Aquatic Centre which had been promised by one and all for many long years, and has now been started under the present Minister.”

Lino Debono,


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