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Create more parking spaces in Victoria by cleaning up the unused ones

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Create more parking spaces in Victoria by cleaning up the unused one“In Victoria, Gozo, as I suppose in many other places, the traffic congestion is ever growing. I understand that measures are being taken to moderate the situation. I usually walk when I need to shop in Victoria and I notice spaces with LOADING/UNLOADING painted in them. I would strongly suggest that ‘time’ be allocated to these parking because they are not loading and unloading 24/7.

If for example, the store is an ironmongery where people need to stop and get their needs ‘stop and go’ then it is understandable that there should be at least one car parking space reserved for customers who might not park for more than 4-5 minutes. Same with ‘take away’ food stands and other quick customer service but not unloading and loading which in many cases takes two parking spaces.

There is also a space for the Bishop in front of the Curia. We all know that the Curia opens at certain times and the sign says so why is Saturday also included when the Curia does not open?

I parked there last Saturday knowing that the Bishop is not there and a young bearded priest who went to Victoria to do some errands just like the other Citizen, expected that because he was a priest he could use the Bishop’s parking and even called the police on me because I parked there. (Perfect Christ-like example!)

Knowing the Bishop, I am sure that if he happened to come and find a car parked there he would have double parked, called a priest to mind his car until I returned and then the priest would take the parking spot that I vacate, end of the story.

I am sure the Bishop would not have called the police on me! I know that the Bishop’s parking is reserved for the Bishop and not for anyone else, but it was Saturday and I know that the Curia is closed on Saturdays.

This goes for many ‘No Parking boxes’ in front of private homes. I know a house in the area called ‘Behind St Francis Church’ where there is a ‘No Parking’ in front of the garage and then a yellow box for the car and a yellow box for the motorbike of the same owner.

I ask the citizens that when their dear ones pass away, to please report to the traffic authorities that the box is not pertinent anymore so that they will come and paint the lines black, and I pray to the authorities to make a checkup around Victoria to remove unwarranted ‘No Parking’ spaces especially now that some of the parking spaces are going to disappear from St Francis Square.

With this, I would like to add many ‘Garage No Parking’ on garages which are not being used for any cars, instead some are bedrooms or just store rooms and it is against the law to put ‘Garage in Use’ sign when it is not in use for parking your vehicle.

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph supplied by the author

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    10 Responses

    1. Peter Magro says:

      Very well said Anthony; how can you put a car in a garage when the sidewalk is 10 inches high, and there are no ramps; people think they own the street also

    2. Nigel Baker says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong Mr Zammit, but doesn’t the sign say no parking ‘Mon – Sat’?

      • anthony zammit says:

        Nigel Baker that is the difference between a foreigner and a local. I personally know the Bishop. I was sure that if he came he would wait for me not because he recognised my car but he would have pitied the car owner and said to himself ‘let us wait for him, he will soon be back’ And yes that is my point, the sign should not say Mon to Sat because Saturday there is no Curia open.

    3. tamworthterry says:

      And the Pavements…..Its a wonder the Moms do not complain ,when they have to push there prams with there baby inside in the road, as they can not use the pavement

    4. Nigel Baker says:

      You’re right Mr Zammit. That IS the difference between a ‘foreigner’ and a local. If a ‘foreigner’ sees a no parking sign, he doesn’t park there. A local seems to think he can ignore the sign and park anywhere he likes! With regard to the sign in question, perhaps it shouldn’t say Mon – Sat, but it does!!

      • Dave a foreigner says:

        This is exactly the same situation as the Arkadia (GOZO) supermarket, I have seen locals parking in a disabled bay and I see that the driver is much more alert and healthier then me and I am trying to find a spot.

    5. Ray says:

      It is unfortunate that that is the general attitude of locals and the authorities to almost everything and especially car related.

      Local? Park where you like, double park, on double yellow lines or carry on through no entry signs, you won’t get prosecuted.

      Non Local! Especially in a hire car, ticket in minutes!

      I have lived here for 6 years and do not have my own car but use hire cars one or twice a month, I am invariably diverted if there are road works or temporary closures when cars in front and behind on local plates are allowed through, if I park any where illegally I will get a ticket in minutes whereas the enforcement officers will drive straight by an illegally parked local.

      Glaring examples are right outside your own home Mr Zammit, where the cars from the hospital workforce are parked on double yellows at the hospital entrance and those of the estate agents on the corner park on the double yellows and presumable even the concrete planters put on the yellow lines are their’s as I have seen there cars parked across the corner by them. Even parked on the crosshatched lines where the dividing central reservation start!

      Nothing is done about it!

    6. james duxbury says:

      put disabled spaces at the top of the hills please , not the bottom .

    7. Better Future says:

      The only way that parking problems are solved is to have pay meters where parking is hard to find. Since I have a problem walking for a long distance I opted for a bike instead a car. The other issue is our parking is still with the same capacity as when it was done many years ago. Where is the Minister for Gozo who’s office is a few feet away.

    8. Diane says:

      Why not parking garages with multi levels where the regular parking lots are. And charge €1.

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