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Government does not care about Gozo, Adrian Delia says

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Government does not care about Gozo, Adrian Delia saysLeader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia, has said that the government “does not care about Gozo, with a number of projects being promised from one budget to another and are still not delivered.”

Dr Delia, speaking during a political activity in Nadur today, said that in Munxar it was the PN councillors who spoke to residents when the government wanted to build a manure clamp, which would have been to the detriment of the area. It was also the PN councillors who spoke up for Xaghra after the government wanted to reopen the Qortin landfill.

Adrian Delia spoke about connectivity between the islands, saying how the opposition had filed amendments on pending studies and consultations for the tunnel.

He said, “this after the government removed the cargo ferry service from Sai Maison, we are still waiting for a fast ferry service, and now there is the addition of a fourth ferry, which will be the oldest one in the fleet.”

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    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      F… Politics !
      What did the NP when the was on power ???
      Typical before the election is coming .
      Stay together and do something for your people !

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