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Dispose of waste responsibly, debris increasing in Maltese waters – NTM

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Dispose of waste responsibly, marine debris increasing in Maltese waters - NTMNature Trust – FEE Malta is appealing for everyone to dispose of waste responsibly and in the correct waste containers. The eNGO was speaking on the occasion of World Turtle Day, commemorated every 23rd of May

In a statement, NTM explained that marine debris is on the increase in Maltese waters due to irresponsible disposal of waste, but also due to lost, abandoned or otherwise discarded fishing gear, including fishing lines, nets and hooks.

Now that summer is approaching, the organisation said that it is appealing to boat owners not to throw waste overboard but, rather, take inland and dispose in the correct manner.

Over the past years, the wildlife rescue team has been active in the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, including turtles, the eNGO said.

“It has been noticed that there is an ever increasing amount of marine turtles being injured or finding themselves entangled with marine debris,” said the organisation. “Last year, three turtles lost a flipper due to marine debris and another died due to ingestion of plastic bags.”

Nature Trust – FEE Malta also appealed to authorities “to ensure that they implement the single use plastic ban as soon as possible, without dragging their feet.”

It concluded by saying, “our planet as a whole is urgently calling for action and, today, many international and important entities such as the United Nations are calling for actions to climate change and plastic in our oceans.”

NTM said that anyone spotting a turtle in difficulty may call the rescue line on 99999505

File photo of a young loggerhead turtle rescued by the Nature Trust Wildlife Rescue team, that had been found entangled in a piece of net used in construction, carrier bags, two ropes and a very large tree branch. NTM said that all these were around one of the back flippers which was the cause of a bad injury to this flipper

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