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Decisions affecting Gozitan should be taken by Gozitans themselves – PN

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Decisions affecting Gozitan should be taken by Gozitans themselves - PNThe Government has “forgotten Gozo and is not giving it the importance it deserves,” so said PN spokesman for Gozo Chris Said and MEP candidate for the PN David Stellini.

“The Nationalist Party believes that those decisions that affect the daily the life of families, as well as Gozitan businesses, should be taken by the Gozitan themselves This is why the Nationalist Party will continue to insist that Gozo be considered a region,” they said.

They argued that “this is the clear difference between the Nationalist Party and the government, the PN believes in Gozo and so would give it more power, while the government considers its people as second-class citizens and provides them with an old boat.”

Chris Said stated that the Nationalist Party has always had a “clear vision for Gozo,” that improves the quality of life for Gozitans in Gozo. “This can be ensured if Gozo is considered a region in the Constitutional Reform.”

He also spoke about the difference in the average pay, with Gozitans earning € 2,300 less than workers in Malta. Dr Said argued that in 2012, this difference was only € 300, and in that same year only 500 Gozitans were working with the Government in Malta, while today this number has risen to 1,600

David Stellini said that the PN insists that 10% of European funds should be used for Gozo, and how it utilised should be down to Gozitans themselves, not the Castille.

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    4 Responses

    1. james duxbury says:

      a gozitan referendum on the tunnel would be democratic and sensible

    2. Lino DeBono says:

      I beg to defer from the Hon Dr Said & Mr Stellini observations on the Regionalism for Gozo. I still remember the Gozo Administrative in 1959 led by Dr Anton Tabone and 2 others. In Malta the Colonial Administration put 4 people in charge. In 1962 the Gozo Civil Council was elected and initially it did a lot of good. That is until the Hon Political Persons elected started disputing who of them were responsible for the projects implemented.

      Confusion galore was the day’s order until finally the Chairperson of the Gozo Civil Council used to issue Contracts submissions from his position as Head of Gozo Council – Goes to the opposite Chair, fills in the applications as a Private Contractor – Goes to the Chairmanship Chair and Accepts for his Private Company the same Contracts.

      If the Hon’s Dr Said & Mr Stellini doesn’t know this – this is a good reminder.

      The 25 thousand Gozitans living in Gozo cannot possibly generate the volume of business for Gozo to be viable only by itself..So for Gozo to be Regionalism is simply a dream and unrealistic.

      Disputes as previous will be the day’s order.

      Who will administer? The Gozo Ministry or the Gozo Regional Authority.
      In a minute Island as Gozo is, what is needed is to have Authorities made by and locals who will be responsible for planning permissions – heritage sites – keeping an eye on excavations to protect any Historical findings and also most important to still keep the Village Core aspects all over Gozo.

      This way we Gozitans can protect our way of life – traditions & habits of Cultural Values.

      Elected M.E.P’s must also work for Gozo as an Isolated Island by helping Farming – Fisheries – Herders with required subsidiaries as 70% of the European Budget goes to French – Italian & German Farmers.

      I also believe that the Gozo Ministry should have more clout in it’s running and finances.

    3. Tamworthterry says:

      Tend to agree with you there James, Wonder why they don’t ?

    4. Better Future says:

      During The PN government which Nadur had two elected ministers they did not even fix a dangerous road by the football ground in their own village. Chris now tell us that Gozo been forgotten seriously .

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