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New artisan cheese launched in Gozo – Gobon Malti tal-Milord

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New semi-hard artisan cheese launched in Gozo - Gobon Malti tal-MilordMagro Brothers Group in Gozo has today launched a new local cheese, the new Gobon Malti tal-Milord at Ta’ Frenc restaurant in Gozo, where distinguished guests, food lovers and historians were treated to a cheese tasting and wine pairing event.

Mr. John Magro, Chairman of Magro Brothers Group of Companies, addressed the event, proudly presenting his years of research in Malta’s lost cheese heritage.

He recounted how he managed to revive this forgotten culture through the “Gobon tan-Nar” range of cheeses. Chef Mario Schembri, of Ta’ Frenc Restaurant with over 35-years experience in the field, also acclaimed the new cheeses both in taste and versatility.

A selected number of restaurateurs were invited by the company to come forward and together work towards further promoting Malta’s cheese heritage.

“In Malta we have enough cheese varieties to create our very own Maltese cheese platters, and we are more than willing to invite restaurateurs and chefs to work together to promote this as much as possible,” claimed Mr Magro.

Guests were exposed to various ways of using the “Gobon tan-Nar” cheese, through live cooking demonstrations and recipes created by Chef Mario.

A selection of dishes were prepared by the chef, using the tan-Nar Cheese as one of the main ingredients. Later on, all guests present had the opportunity to savour these creations themselves.

The “Gobon Tan-Nar®” range of Maltese cheeses was launched last October, and FarmFresh Ltd., a company owned by the Magro Brothers Group in Gozo, is extending its range to include this new cheese

The company said that “Gobon Tan-Nar®” range celebrates Malta’s lost heritage in cheese-making culture, which, after years of intense research into melitensia documents, up-to-date technology and best practice standards in dairy production, has been re-introduced into the Maltese market.

It added that with the introduction of the “Gobon Tan-Nar®” brand, Farm Fresh reignited the passion for local cheese making and picked up where our ancestors left off.

The original range introduced on the market consists of 4 traditionally-inspired flavours; plain, peppered, cumin and fennel and are crafted using primarily cow`s pasteurised milk mixed with goat`s milk.

The latest addition to the range is a semi-hard artisan cheese made primarily from sheep`s milk, to give a distinctive rich creamy taste, mixed with goat`s milk, to add a rustic aftertaste, said Magro.New artisan cheese launched in Gozo - Gobon Malti tal-Milord“Tal-Milord” a corrupted Maltese word meaning “My Lord” was a title conferred upon noble English gentlemen by their willing staff, and has since become a common Maltese word and family nickname.

This cheese is aged for a minimum of 16 weeks. During the 19th century, this delicacy was highly sought after by the English gentry of the time, hence the name.

All the cheese crafted under the “Tan-Nar®” range follow the same traditional recipes and methods whilst using modern technology to guarantee food safety to the end consumer.

Magro Brothers said that, the new “Gobon Malti tal-Milord” will be available on supermarket shelves in the coming weeks.

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