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Update: Election results now in for all of the Gozo Local Councils

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Results for Gozo Local Council electionsUpdate: All five results for the Local Council elections in Gozo are now in. Tonight’s Councils are Qala, Zebbug, Kercem, Munxar and San Lawrenz. The results of the fourteen Local Councils for Gozo found that eight were won by PN and six by PL.

The results for the last five Local Councils are as follows:

Qala 5 seats: PL 1095 votes (70.28%) PN 463 (29.72%)

Buttigieg, Paul – PL

Cefai, John (Ivan) PL

Buttigieg, Karl – PN

Buttigieg, Joseph – PL

Cassar Mejlak, Valerie – PN.

Zebbug – 5 seats: PN 707 votes (43.06%) PL 669 votes (40.74%) IC – 266 votes (16.20%)

Cini, Marlene – PL

Cordina, Daniel – PN

Saliba, Nicky – Independent

Grech, Sandra – PL

Saliba, Baskal – PN.

Kercem – 5 seats: PN 870 votes (65.91%) PL 450 votes (34.09%)

Azzopardi, Mario – PN

Mizzi, Paul – PN

Vella, Horace Anthony – PN

Attard, Frankie – PL

Grech, Elvin – PL.

Munxar – 5 seats: PN 465 votes (51.96%) PL 430 votes (48.04%)

Spiteri, Damien Christ – PN

Abela, Sonja – PL

Parnis, Carmela – PN

Busuttil, Mark Anthony – PN

Cauchi, Joseph – PL.

San Lawrenz – 5 seats PN 330 votes (70.21) PL 140 votes (29.79%)

Formosa, Noel – PN

Formosa, Anthony – PN

Camilleri, George Paul – PL

Cauchi, Joseph Michael – PN

Grima, Carmela – PN.


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