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Gozo – Malta metro proposal presentation – change of venue

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Gozo -Malta metro proposal presentation - change of venueA debate about the proposed Gozo Tunnel was organised earlier this year by Wirt Ghawdex, during which a number of Gozitan stake holders took part.

Wirt Ghawdex said a suggestion that was repeatedly put forward was that if there was going to be a tunnel, then it should be for a national metro system.

It was argued that this would be a better, faster, cleaner and more sustainable option than any other mode of transport between the islands.

According to Wirt Ghawdex “a connecting tunnel for a metro system was also the only acceptable alternative mode of connectivity chosen by the audience in a survey based on the debate.”

Structural Engineer Dr Konrad Xuereb, last year presented to the media a national mass transit metro system proposal for Malta and Gozo.

Wirt Ghawdex said that it has invited Dr Xuereb to present this project to the Gozitan public. In his talk ‘Getting down to Earth’ he will explain his ideas which could form a sustainable connection from Malta to Gozo as part of a national mass transit Metro system for our islands.

The illustrated presentation is free, will be in English, and now with a change of venue, it will be taking place at the Ministry for Gozo Hall, St Francis Square, Victoria, next Friday, the 14th of June, starting at 6:30pm.

Seating can be reserved on or by phone on 79771981.

Below are articles relating the the Wirt Ghawdex tunnel debate:

Gozo tunnel ongoing debate is “based mostly on perceptions” – GTA

“Majority of Gozitan students not in favour of Gozo tunnel” – GUG

GBC has been promoting Gozo tunnel proposal for last ten years – Borg

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