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All are united call for action against plastic contamination

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All are united call for action against plastic contamination“If there is one thing in our country of Malta right now that unites all the political parties, Nationalists and Labour, Liberals and Conservatives, Socialists and Libertarians, (if there are any!) Vegetarians and Carnivores, tal-Belt u tal-Furjana, Mal-Munch or Inter, straight and LGBT, those who live in Gozo and those in Malta, foreigners and locals, old and young, men and women, employed and unemployed, believers and unbelievers, animals on land, sky and sea, Times of Malta, L-Orizzont and, Christians and Muslims and all the rest, it is that they are all sick and tired of the plastic contamination and we call for action from the Government to eradicate this plague.”

Anthony Zammit,


File photograph by Alain Salvary

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    4 Responses

    1. just an expat says:

      well said Anthony – however there are still some who think none of this applies to them. On Monday morning during a 20 minute country walk I picked up 6 half litre water bottles and 3 two litre ones none of which had been there the morning before. How we educate these selfish idiots I do not know.

      • anthony zammit says:

        The only way is not to sell water in small quantity. The water is good for consumption, it is the greedy companies who sells water who said that tap water is not good so that they will sell their table, or spring water which they fill up from after they put signs that THIS WATER IS NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION but if you buy it from them it magically becomes good.

        There are the big containers which families can buy where the empties are returned and one can always install a Reversus Osmosis, like myself. No more plastic. I am also thinking of buying an Ionizer because I realize that the RO water is mostly dead water.

    2. Harry Braithwaite says:

      They should do something about the millions of shotgun cartridges covering the walk ways around the edge of the island, especially from a Gharb to Qbjjar, it’s like a poppy field!!!

    3. Elaine says:

      For a nation of fish eaters, I am surprised that people are not worried about eating so much plastic.

      As with any educational needs, plastic pollution and other environmental issues should be taught from a young age at school and in the home. (I am sure they do these days and the problem should gradually improve, hopefully!!!)

      I also pick up plastic, paper, cans and other items, around the area where I live, however, many light plastic items are blown around in the wind. It is not always people being irresponsible on this windy island, although in many cases it is.

      can anyone give any ideas on how to clear up this garbage in a hygienic way? I could carry yet another plastic bag to put the garbage in.

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